Marketecture Hosting is a website that provides info on how to match your business needs with the most appropriate web hosting service providers.

We are not limited to “review” web hosting services, but we help you choose the right plan for your business/activity on the net.

Matching Your Needs, On A Case By Case Basis

Nowadays, you can find so many web hosting service providers, and many of them are potentially very good.

However, what’s most appropriate for your case?

Not all the people who use the internet have the same needs: things are often more complicated because in many cases website owners will have changing needs in their journey as webmasters or business owners.

That’s why we decided to create a website about web hosting, which is quite different from others.

We do not focus our full attention on a lot of features, in other words, we don’t want you to become an “expert” in web hosting.


Simply because you have work to do, and if you start reading tons and tons of info about web hosting you’ll be easily overwhelmed in a short time.


You’ll be so confused that you’ll not be able to make a decision.

But if you know what your online business really needs, and how to adapt your needs to your business over time, everything will be a lot easier and faster.

The People Behind Marketecture Hosting

We are a small international group of people with a great passion for technologies and website-based business.

We work to help many small-to-medium online-based companies grow and optimize costs.

Web hosting can be a huge voice of expenditure, that’s why we want to adapt it to your specific needs, so you’ll be sure that you really have what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

The people behind this website:

  • Raymond “Ray” Martin – In charge of writing resulting posts, reviews, and keeping contacts with small-to-medium entrepreneurs for feedbacks
  • Tendo Hikigaya – In charge of testing web hosting, writing down “pros” and “cons”, from his “hi-tech” home-based office located in Japan
  • Jason Mc Bing – In charge of monitoring updates about everything that revolves around the world of web hosting service providers
  • Rishit Prasanta – In charge of keeping this website safe and running overtime

These people are working every day on this project, meaning that you’ll find updated and proven information.

Things may change with time, that’s why you should know what happens as soon it occurs.

Why “Marketecture”? What Does This Term Really Mean?

This is a good question.

The answer is pretty simple.

Marketecture is the short form of “marketing architecture”.

This concept is very important for people who want to be present online because web hosting is just a small part of a bigger and more complicated “architecture” to be successful in “marketing”.

You must think about web hosting just like the foundation of this architecture for your online business.

Starting from the proper hosting service, you can build everything, but you have to do the right maintenance.

When it comes to web hosting, this means staying up to date and adapting things to your business.

So, we want to help you build the proper foundation of your online presence, towards the greatest possible success of your business.

How To Contact Us For Suggestions, Ideas, Problems, and more

We decided not to have any contact form on our website.

However, if you want to reach us, we’ll be more than happy to interact with you.

Your feedback is essential to have real evidence of what happens in the web hosting world, on a daily basis.

To send us a message you can use the following e-mail address: er@marketecturehosting.com

Thank you so much for your visit!