Best Web Hosting: 15 Best Tips To Find The Greatest

It’s really hard to say what is the best web hosting in general terms: there are so many things to consider.

The most relevant of all is your “marketing architecture”, meaning your “marketecture”.

When we started with the website, we decided to care a lot about this aspect, because it makes the difference in all cases.

If you’re looking for a web hosting provider that can suit your specific needs, you must define what such needs are, in the first place.

Unfortunately, still, there are so many people looking at web hosting services without knowing their specific needs, and by doing so there is a high risk of losing time and money in features that are not necessary for your business.

Other people are just looking for cheap web hosting, while others only consider some highly specific features, such as MySQL hosting, or hosting companies that provide great website builders.

The real point is that you must identify what you really need because people who are just starting have, or rather must-have, a very different business and marketing structure if compared to the experts, or established business.

That’s why we decided to write this deep review about what can be the best web hosting for your case.

You can jump to conclusions and read now what web hosting companies we suggest in general.

however, we recommend reading the full review to better understand why, how, and when you should prefer one company (and their hosting plans), according to your needs.

Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting: Looking At The Top

Before diving deeper into this extremely important topic, let us point out a general recommendation. There’s a sentence, you should always remember because it’s really wise especially for people who are just starting out their new (often for the first time) online business journey.

This sentence says: “start with what you have, all the rest can be built“.

We really like this general suggestion, stated by Jason Mc Clain, a successful “guru” in the Internet Marketing space.

This sentence says a lot:

  • first of all, please keep things simple
  • don’t look for fancy tools, and/or unnecessary features
  • don’t overload your severs with files and apps
  • start with a simple solution, in most cases Shared Hosting is great
  • grow your business and your website accordingly, with the time, so look for hosting with good and progressive plans
  • don’t be fooled by huge offers and savings
  • always consider renewal fees
  • register your domain on a separate platform, for a full control

There are many more suggestions we’d like to write, but we’ll see some of them continuing with our discussion.

Web Hosting Services Reviews

We only want to point out, one more time, that there is not a “best web hosting” in general terms, because you can find hosting companies with great technical features, but they may be too advanced for your need. If you browse the net looking for web hosting reviews, you can find tons and tons of information.

In most cases, this will only confuse you: you’ll feel overwhelmed by this information and doubts will begin to grow.

This is one of the most common reasons people get stuck and can’t make up their minds anymore.

So, it’s extremely important that you have a clear idea of what general features can play a role in all cases, for all needs, so that you can dispel confusion fast.

For sure, you have to consider:

  • speed
  • uptime
  • disk space
  • availability of WHOIS Privacy for FREE
  • easy to use interface (cPanel is best)
  • if possible, unlimited MySQL databases
  • many email accounts within the same account
  • Softaculous, or similar apps to make WordPress installation easier
  • great customer support (look at reviews)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, if you know what to look for, it will be a lot easier to make a decision.

In the following sections, we report a few examples of these features, to give you a brighter idea of what we mean.

Best cPanel Hosting

This interface is likely the best, and most appreciated, interface to manage everything from a single dashboard: not all web hosting provide it, and some others make it even better and easier to use.

We report the example of SiteGround, which is our current #1 suggestion for people who want to start their online business journey fast because it really can deal with all your needs, especially if you go for their Shared Hosting.

They implement cPanel, but with a customized interface, called “Crystal” (as you see in the screenshot posted above), to make the experience of managing servers even easier than it happens with the “usual” cPanel interface.

There are some other companies, equally great, which however do not provide cPanel as default, and this could be an issue for people who are familiar with cPanel as the interface.

This is the case of DreamHost, a great company indeed, which decided to provide a slightly different option when it comes to managing your servers.

We recommend this company also because it’s really one of the very best for all needs, quite similar to SiteGround: some people are more familiar with cPanel, then prefer going for SiteGround, while others do the opposite instead.

We have only considered one feature, and you already see that there are no general rules to follow.

The same applies to other companies and features you may look at.

Best PHP Hosting

This is quite an advanced feature, almost exclusive to experts and developers, definitely not for people who are just starting out.

However, things are very similar to what we’ve considered in the previous section.

If you’re a developer, or you want the very best web hosting in the matter of pure technical performance, you can choose companies like InMotion Hosting, or LiquidWeb, or the most advanced plans of several other companies.

But, which one is the very best?

It depends, as always.

The good thing (that makes your decision faster and easier) is that you can look for specific features, such as the possibility to work with more (or less) programming languages, because other features, more general, like speed, uptime, disk space, and others are going to be basically the same.

The bottom line, you must look for a little number of features you know are important for you.

Cheap MySQL Hosting

This is another great example because MySQL databases are one of the “general things” to look for from the beginning.

We always recommend checking if a hosting plan offers unlimited MySQL databases because this is always great.

In fact, there are some companies out there, that make available additional MySQL databases as premium add-ons, which means that you must pay.

This is not good, because you should be free to add as many MySQL databases as you need within the very same account.

In our opinion and experience, this is one of the most relevant requirements for deciding which web hosting to use.

Developers can also benefit from specific MySQL Hosting plans, like in the case of A2 Hosting, a company we definitely recommend to all, because it’s the fastest currently available in the market.

Web Hosting Deals

There are so many people (too many indeed)  who are looking for discounts, coupons, deals and so on: we don0t really recommend being crazy for this kind of offer.

First of all, special offers always concern introductory fees only: this means that they are valid for one single time, no more.

Then, you have to pay renewal fees, at regular prices: when you browse the web for reviews on the best web hosting to choose, you’ll find those renewal fees are the thing that users complain about the most, because higher than expected.

So, if you think in the long term, discounts and offers are not so relevant, however, if you want to benefit the most from the first sign up, you should pay for more years in advance (there are some web hosting companies that allow you to pay for 3 years in advance, with huge savings).

Web Hosting Providers: A Selection

We tested and reviewed many hosting providers, and the list below is made of the companies we recommend:

  1. SiteGround
  2. DreamHost
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. HostGator
  5. GreenGeeks
  6. Bluehost
  7. iPage
  8. Hostinger
  9. HostPapa
  10. GoDaddy
  11. InMotion Hosting (for advanced users)
  12. LiquidWeb (for advanced users)

They are all great, meaning that your website, and related business, will benefit a lot by working with them.

We only suggest not to start with InMotion Hosting and LiquidWeb, because they are built for experts, and established businesses.

Even though we don’t recommend using them, many people are wondering what are the best website builders you can rely on, when it comes to creating a new website from scratch.

That’s why we decided to suggest two of them, in the section below.

Most Popular Website Builders

The first website builder we want you to focus the attention on is considered the best in the industry: it delivers much more than you possibly need especially if you’re just starting out.

HostGator‘s Website Builder is the place to go to create stunning websites from scratch, but you MUST have some knowledge of web design.

This is the real downside of using these tools: there are tons of features, however, you have to know what to do, to get the most from them.

There are some “marketing rules” to follow when it comes to designing a website, and you can make mistakes that can even damage your business image.

One of the exceptions to this rule could be if you have an online store: as you can see, the most advanced plan of HostGator’s Website Builder, is perfect for eCommerce websites, and you can find great pre-made solutions to showcase products in your store.

Another impressive Website Builder is provided by GoDaddy.

This company presents a huge offer, but you can be confused, and overwhelmed by such a high number of available options.

Not to mention that everything is premium, meaning that you have to pay to benefit from them.

If you can spend money, and you also have experience in web design, however, this website builder will give you the opportunity to craft an impressive website.

The bottom line, we always recommend going for some pre-made templates you can find elsewhere, by following the rule: “the simpler the better”.

And, please always look at speed and website performance, because there are some things like “render-blocking resources” reported by performance-measuring websites, that can seriously impact your website speed, and your business visibility in turn.

Best Free Website Hosting

As for website builders, we don’t really recommend going for free hosting solutions: the reason is “crystal clear”.The main reason we decided not to present any free web hosting provider, is that you must own your website and your business.

In fact, the website is the front line of your business, and you simply don’t want others to manage the platform on which all your online business is running.

Not to mention some important features that may not be available, such as making backups at your convenience, nor the ability to access the server through cPanel or similar interfaces.

You can “test” your website idea with a free hosting solution, just to take some tests before going online with the actual site.

A special thing for bloggers only: if you own (or if you are going to have one), there are several platforms out there, like which are highly suitable.

If you go for this kind of solution, please remember that this will not configure a real “business”, because it’s more like sharing to the world a point of view.

That said, and whatever your hosting choice will be, we strongly recommend using WordPress as your CMS (see later).

Cheap Web Hosting Company

Free hosting is not good, but for sure you can find great solutions that are also cheap.

Bluehost is considered the cheapest option currently available on the market, and this is true for what concerns introductory fees.

At renewals, things are different, in fact, you must pay more, meaning that this company is cheap but only if you’re willing to pay for more years (possibly 3) in advance.


Another company is quite similar when it comes to prices.

DreamHost is great for all purposes, and you can for sure use it when you’re just starting out, and stay with it even when your business will grow and will have more needs (you only should upgrade hosting plans).

Their offers have been created with WordPress users in mind at first, but also people who don’t use this CMS will find great benefits (even though we do recommend using WordPress for all your projects online).


You can find other companies with similar prices, but in all cases, the introductory fee is way lower than regular prices.

In the long run, pricing will become less and less important, because, with time, the overall performance of your website will count much more.

Cheap Linux Hosting

The vast majority of hosting providers run on Linux servers.

To this end, there’s not much to say, just refer to our full list of suggested companies in the “Conclusions” section.

Cheap Windows Hosting

Not all web hosting providers make it available Windows-based servers, meaning that you always must check one by one.

We recommend using Linux, especially because almost all offers you can possibly find online are based on that.

Best Shared Web Hosting

There are great plans we may suggest when it comes to shared hosting offers, but we just want to pick two that are perfect for all purposes.

SiteGround is the #1 company to go for people who are just starting out, and who are willing to grow their websites with time.

Their Shared Hosting is great because it’s highly scalable, meaning that if you choose them, you’re going to work with a hosting solution able to provide fast and secure plan upgrades.

In your ideal “best web hosting” to find, there are:

  • the possibility to own more domains
  • unlimited email accounts
  • free SSL certificates (extremely important), and
  • possibly the fastest loading page speed

If you can find all the above-listed features, you’re totally covered in almost all cases, unless you know your business has some specific and unique needs to satisfy (for instance, this may occur for online stores).


Another highly valuable shared solution is the “all-in-one” plan provided by iPage.

They made a unique decision: in fact, there only is one plan for all.

This is not a downside, on the contrary, their offer is packed with tons of features that normally are available only for superior plans.

We also recommend this company, especially for people who are starting out, because this unique plan will remove any hassle and doubts on what’s the best plan to start with.

We really like this offer, because it makes it a lot easier and faster to start, not to mention that iPage also offers a great advanced solution to upgrade later.


Best Way To Host A Website

The two companies we described in the previous section are both great examples of how to host a website.

We always suggest starting slow, with a shared plan, then upgrade later to fit your business evolving needs.

Another extremely important thing is not to change web hosting provider each year, only to benefit from the lowest possible introductory fees.

Your website, and business, need stability: if you continuously change, you will harm both of them in a short time.

Starting with a hosting that makes it easy to upgrade your plan is a very smart strategy to get consistent success online.

Fastest Hosting

We really like, and recommend, this hosting company, for many reasons: however, its #1 asset, is about speed.

We can say that this is the fastest hosting you can possibly find at this time.

They provide a wonderful offer, namely the “Turbo” Hosting plan, fully packed with everything you need to have success online (so, it’s not just about the speed).

We also like a lot that they prove this claim, by referring to specific tests carried out with GTmetrix, and other similar websites.

By doing so, they also show what you can do to speed further your website, in the case of some issues that may occur.

This is the most relevant reason why you should consider this company for all your online projects.


Web Hosts For WordPress

There are some hosting providers that are built primarily for WordPress users, however, this does not mean that they are for WordPress users ONLY, nor that they are the best in all cases.

You should look at some essential features that are quite common, and not exclusive to WordPress.

We suggest considering WordPress just like a CMS and no more, meaning that there are some specific features related to your server that can be much more relevant to your online business success.

Things like speed, uptime, availability of some tools and features (including MySQL databases, email accounts, and free SSL certificates), are all extremely important, regardless of whether you use WordPress or not.

That being said, we definitely recommend using WordPress, in all cases.

WordPress Hosting Reviews

We dedicate special attention to the best hosting solutions for WordPress users here.

We strongly recommend reading it because you can find valuable info to better understand why not all hosting providers are good, especially if you’re just starting out.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

We want to report here a special solution, provided by Hostinger because it’s likely the best plan “in the middle” between a fully managed, and a more basic web hosting for WordPress users.

In fact, managed solutions can be good but you need to spend more money, just because of the work your hosting company is going to make on your servers: that’s why we suggest a solution “in-between”.

Talking about features, you can “manage” a huge number of aspects that can be highly relevant to your business, such as the possibility to create and run 100 websites, unlimited databases, the possibility to handle well up to 25K visitors/month, and the availability of 100 domain-related email addresses.

This likely is the biggest offer for WordPress-based businesses, perhaps it may not apply to all needs, but for sure it’s worth mentioning.

WordPress Recommended Hosts

We list below some web hosting companies because we believe that, in general terms, all they can be considered, for different reasons, and for different types of businesses, the best web hosting for WordPress.

Click on the name of each web hosting provider to get more info.

They are:

We recommend as alternative hosting providers for WordPress, that are more suitable for people with experience and/or a certain budget:

This web hosting for WordPress can be great, but only if you are an expert:

  • LiquidWeb (just for experts, or established businesses)

Email Host Provider

Emails are very important for people who want to start their online business journey, not to mention that they can even become the main asset of your marketecture (meaning marketing architecture).

It’s essential that you keep in contact with other people by presenting yourself with a branded email address: this is a sign of professionalism and reputation for your business.

In this case, we only want to give a simple suggestion: always prefer hosting plans that give you the opportunity to create several email addresses.

It would be best to have unlimited emails, even though there will be a limited storage space for your messages, depending on your hosting plan.

You should create at least 3, or 4 email addresses for your business, to segment your activity and make it appear highly professional.

There are some people who prefer working with email hosting plans, without actually creating a real website, because they like to use some social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Best Hosting VPS

This hosting solution is great for both people with limited needs, and people with more technical requests: whatever your business, you may need to upgrade to VPS at some point (if you start with Shared Hosting).

The screenshot posted above presents the huge offer of InMotion Hosting.

VPS does mean “Virtual Private Servers”, and they offer great solutions and features for basically all business needs.

You can decide to have full control over your server, but you can also benefit from more detailed support and available add-ons.

In many cases, people start with a shared offer, then switch to VPS or Cloud Hosting, because they exactly represent the right solution to deal with their increased needs.

There also are some people who go for VPS in the first place: this may be good for people who already have a certain degree of experience. We don’t recommend choosing this option directly if you are not a technology expert.

A good requisite to look for is the possibility to upgrade to a good VPS plan.

Best Cloud Hosting Server

According to many people, HostGator provides the best offer for what concerns Cloud Hosting solutions.

This kind of solution is primarily for the people who already run a business (or at least they are experts) and want to push forward things like website speed and general performance.

This type of hosting fits the needs of personal websites, small-medium businesses, even agencies, and corporate.

Depending on your specific needs, you may have from 2 Gb RAM, up to 6 Gb RAM, and from 2 Core CPU to 6 Core CPU: take a look at the private SSL certificate, available for the most advanced plan.

Generally speaking, the Baby Cloud plan is the one recommended by HostGator, and the most purchased as well.

It’s a solution “in the middle” that can satisfy almost all needs, and you can always update your plan at a later time.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosting at its finest: this is the offer for people who basically want everything from a server.

If you need, or you’re thinking about switching your plan to dedicated servers, perhaps you don’t need reading reviews, because this is for highly advanced users, and/or for established businesses and big companies.

By the way, LiquidWeb has the likely best offer to fit your needs.

They provide a ton of valuable features, and their price is definitely not for people on a budget, nor for those who have a business that is still growing.

There is the opportunity to use an advanced version of cPanel, called cPanel Premier 100, by paying an extra fee.

Talking about operating systems for Dedicated Servers, they allow working with CentOs, Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, and Windows.

Hard to talk more about these plans, because everything depends on your needs: the only thing to say is that according to the website “Customer Guru”, LiquidWeb has been rated as the #2 best company in the matter of customer support, for 2019, in the USA.

This means that you’re totally covered with great support for any needs, or emergency.

Best Reseller Web Hosting

Similar to dedicated servers, Reseller Hosting is not for everyone, even if it can be very lucrative, by doing things properly.

This is the offer provided by GreenGeeks: you can choose from three different plans, which vary from 25 up to 80 cPanel accounts (for your clients).

One of the most interesting features is the LSCache Support: this is a proprietary caching technology to makes websites much faster. This comes along with the other two features to increase website speed, namely optimized LiteSpeed web servers and Maria/MySQL database servers.

Another good opportunity is the scalability of your accounts, meaning that you can add easily more memory or RAM as needed.

With added security, special functionalities for eCommerce websites, and specific resources for developers, this reseller program is one of the best you can find on the market.

Best Domain Provider

This company, called Namesilo, is our #1 choice for purchasing domains, but also to keep them safe, and manage them easily in a single place.

We suggest this company especially because of pricing, in fact, you can register any domain, then renew it, at the same fee, $8/year.

In addition, you have the free WHOIS Privacy, to keep your data secure forever.

This is extremely important, because all hosting companies charge a lot more at the moment of renewals, and this is valid for both hosting and domains.

This is the reason why we strongly recommend registering domains with Namesilo, and start soon your online journey.

Cheapest Web Hosting With Free Domain

Still, many people are led to believe that among the requisites for the best web hosting there also is the availability of registering a domain for free: we suggest not to consider that.

On the other hand, we suggest going for hosting plans that make available the possibility to host more domains at once.

By doing so, you can pick more domains around your niche and re-direct them to your main website: this basically allows you to “dominate” your niche.

So, don’t look for free domains, but register your domain with Namesilo, then redirect it to your hosting to benefit from the same, lowest, renewal fee, not to mention the free WHOIS Privacy that comes along.

Top Hosting Companies

Again, we don’t want to say that the best web hosting for your case is one or another.

This because each business has different needs, and we want to present the best companies for both people who are starting out, and more advanced users.

We definitely recommend, the first 4 options, SiteGround, DreamHost, A2 Hosting, and HostGator, because we think they fit all needs, whatever your business.

If you’re an expert, or if you want the best of the best, including complicated features, InMotion Hosting, and LiquidWeb are the right choices for your case.

All other companies you find in the list we write in the next section, are all good and recommended to start your business, as well as to move your already active website from another hosting company to them.

List of Web Hosting Companies

The list is below:

Feel free to click on each of the above-listed companies to discover what they provide for you.

What To Do Now

We hope that this long review on what could be the best web hosting for your case, will be useful, and really help you make a decision.

So, the only thing you need is to click on one or more of the companies we suggest and start your new website.

You can also move your current website to these companies because most of them make available free transfers.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your online business journey!