GreenGeeks Review: 1 Smart Host And 17 Reliable Services

If you are interested in green technologies, or simply if you want to rely on a hosting provider that supports greening the planet, you should know GreenGeeks.

They claim to be the most environmentally-friendly hosting company out there, and they care a lot about “green” topics.

However, we have to consider if and how this web hosting service provider can be a good fit for your purposes.

According to reviews, we can say that yes, it’s a good hosting full of important features that really help your business stand out.

In addition, the company’s founder has a long track record of success, with other equally interesting hosting providers (such as iPage, and HostPapa, just to name a few).

That’s why we believe that you need to know more.

If you don’t want to read the full review, you can jump to the conclusions and make faster decisions.

If you want to learn a bit more about GreenGeeks, keep reading and discover all pros and cons of the most “eco” web hosting service providers on the web.

GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks: When Environment Meets Technology

If you go to their website, you can read that three are the most relevant features of this hosting service.

On this page, you read one of the most underrated things, namely that the internet is a big polluter.

This is sad but true, and their mission is to make the internet as ecological as possible.

We totally agree with them, and we like them a lot just because of their mission: that’s why GreenGeeks is definitely recommended by us.

But there also are some important technical features that can make this hosting one of the best fit for your business needs.

According to what can read on their website, you can benefit from a fast and secure hosting provider.

Speed, security, but also a variety of different hosting types to choose from.

Another very interesting feature is the possibility to scale your business, which is definitely good because you’ll need more features for your business as time passes (or, at least, this should happen).

But now let’s see what some users who have had problems complain about.


GreenGeeks Complaints

If you browse the net, you can find some people who complain about some things.

They are two, in the vast majority of cases:

  • Refund policy, which may sound confusing under some circumstances
  • Account cancelation, which in some cases doesn’t happen as fast as it should

In the case you don’t want to renew your service, you’re asked to send a request 7 days before the expiration time. Not all people do that, and this does mean that they are charged for another month. But this can be solved in advance, by keeping track of your account deadlines, to avoid this issue.

In some other cases, people report poor assistance in transferring a website from another hosting.

Finally, there are a few people who reported delays in data deletion after the cancellation of the contract.

We want to point out, however, that there are much more trusted positive reviews so that we can confidently state that the benefits far outweigh all possible problems that normally occur with over 300,000 users from all around the world.

GreenGeeks Hosting

As you can see from the image below, they have four different plans available.

First of all, GreenGeeks is good for WordPress (we’ll see that later).

The shared hosting plan is also suitable for WooCommerce, meaning that you can start your online store without any issues.

In case you plan to sell digital products only, we do not recommend using WooCommerce, but EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) instead.

By the way, if you have more business needs, you can find special offers also for VPS, and Reseller Hosting plans.

GreenGeeks Login

Below you find a screenshot of the Login area.

GreenGeeks created a detailed guide on how to get access to their Login area here.

Once you’re inside the account, you can manage everything from here (including your domains, services, billing information, and more).

GreenGeeks Nameservers

For making things easier, if you can’t find nameservers, we write them below:


In some cases, you may be asked to write a number (IP address).

If this does happen, refer to what’s below:


You can find these data in your account after the Login process we’ve considered before.

GreenGeeks Domains

To register a domain, there is a simple procedure to follow.

The screenshot posted above shows where to go in order to find the domain checker.

From here, you must digit your selected domain and verify if it’s available.

If so, you can purchase it directly from the dashboard.

We don’t really like register domains with a web hosting provider, because we prefer a lot to keep our domains separate, and then re-direct them to the corresponding hosting services (with DNS).

Our favorite domain registrar is Namesilo, not because it’s the cheapest, rather because allows better management of all domain-related features.

Not to mention their prices: $8/year for any domain and renewal fees are the same forever.

This fee also includes the WHOIS Privacy, which means that Namesilo provides the best offer for what concerns domains.

GreenGeeks Domain Registration

From your dashboard (inside your account), you can also add a domain (even if you already own one).

You only have to click on “My Domains”, then on “Domain Registration Request”.

By doing so, you’ll be redirected to the special search form, where to find your preferred domain name. If this is available, you can purchase it.

Please note the interesting page that GreenGeeks dedicates to prices of all currently available domain extensions.

As you can see, under this option you find another option, namely the one to transfer a domain.

GreenGeeks Domain Transfer

Transferring a domain to GreenGeeks is easy because you just need to follow the right process.

Before starting, you must check the domain contact information: this means that you have to use the right “admin” email address to start the process.

Then, disable WHOIS privacy protection, and point the domain name to GreenGeeks nameservers.

Once done, you must unlock your domain (from your previous registrar), and get the domain authorization code.

The final step is to fill the Domain Transfer Form, you see in the picture above.

GreenGeeks Let’s Encrypt

This feature is one of the most important for your website.

You can find it free of charge, and this is more than simply “good”.

By clicking here, you can follow the right process to have your certificate installed.

In this guide, you can also find how to solve some possible issues that may arise during the installation procedure.

GreenGeeks SSH

SSH/shell/command line access is allowed on all web servers.

You only need to open a ticket and ask for the activation of SSH access.

There also is a detailed process explained here, so you have more information.

This feature is important because it allows secure communication and it’s even more useful when you need to move (esp. upload) databases after a backup.

Pretty advanced stuff, for sure, but really worth it.

GreenGeeks Email

We really like that GreenGeeks provide unlimited email addresses from the very basic plan.

In the screenshot above you find the most representative features related to email, common to all plans.

You can manage everything from Webmail, and you also have a secure IMAP, POP3 & SMTP server.

Everything comes along with standard protection from spam, not to mention that daily backups also apply to your email messages.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

They have very stable and reliable hosting servers.

As you’ve seen on the screenshots posted before, even if you start from their basic plan, you still have the possibility to work at best.

You can run your website with ease, and your hosting performances will support it at best.

So, we have no critical issues to detect.

You’ll be very happy about how your site will be kept and managed by GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

The screenshot below presents the three different, progressive plans for shared hosting.

The first option is the basic one, but it’s good, because of the price, but especially if you’re just starting out, but also if you don’t have so many business needs.

Very interesting to note, you can benefit from unlimited disk space even if you are on the basic plan (very few hosting providers are doing that).

The downside is to have only one domain (but it’s still good, especially if you are a blogger, or you own a personal business).

Another very good thing, common to all plans, is the possibility to have free SSL certificates, while other big players, such as GoDaddy, do not provide that without payment.

The basic offer comes along with other two more than good features, namely the possibility to have unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email addresses, to brand your messages at best.

You can also benefit from the LSCache, not to mention the 300% Green Energy Match (even if it wasn’t quite 300%, it would still be a great thing).

So, you’ll be happy even if you’re going to use the basic plan.


GreenGeeks Website Builder

You can literally craft your new website by using a dedicated Website Builder.

After your signup, you can start immediately working on your website: choose a template, and edit it thanks to an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

All themes are mobile-friendly, Google-friendly, and you can count on dedicated support active 24/7.

If you want an even better alternative for what concerns website builders, however, we suggest checking HostGator on top.

That being said, we are not big fans of website builders in general, even when they are very good, just like in the case of GreenGeeks.

This because you need some creative skills, even to create a basic website, and you don’t know in advance how the final aspect of your website will attract (or not) potential customers for your business.

That’s why we always prefer using templates you can find from external providers, and use the ones with the best performances and ease of use.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review

They provide a good amount of tools and resources to get started with your website, even if you are a “newbie” in the internet space.

One of the things we really love about GreenGeeks is that you can start easily, in a short period of time and you can have a great website even if you’re not an expert.

We don’t really recommend using the Website Builder, even if it’s one of the best on the market, simply because you should know something about design in order to craft the best website template. But, if you lite design, you’re going to love this Website Builder for sure.

So, we definitely recommend GreenGeeks, and you can go for it without any trouble.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

Greengeeks’ offer is particularly suitable for WordPress users.

The plans are not different from what we’ve considered before, we just want to outline the importance of some features for websites running on WordPress.

The free SSL certificate is the best guarantee for your website, at first.

Then, you can benefit from one free domain name from the first year.

The free nightly backup is more than smart because it allows servers to save energy while you are guaranteed not to lose your precious data.

Free CDN can really make a difference when it comes to website speed and user experience.

There is a difference between performances from the Lite up to Premium plan and this means that you can adapt your hosting to the changing needs of your business.

There is nothing more to add, except that it’s a great solution for WordPress users.

GreenGeeks CPanel

All cPanel users will be happy to know that this web hosting integrates perfectly with it.

There are a series of features provided for cPanel-based hosting plans.

When you start your WordPress site, you can install the latest version with just one click.

But there’s much more to consider.

First of all, let us point out the importance of having daily backups, even if your business is limited and your website very light.

Whatever the case, you don’t want to waste precious time and resources to do backups, even though we recommend to create and download the full backup of your website directly from cPanel on your own (this applies when you post something important, or you do some major edits to your website).

Auto-updates for applications of cPanel are also guaranteed, which is the best to avoid malfunctions over time.

Always about backups, if you would prefer to make them directly from your WordPress dashboard, you certainly can get benefit from using the Backupbuddy plugin.

You can also benefit from the top-tier performance, meaning that the speed of your WordPress website will increase thanks to the latest technology like PHP7, SSD, CDN & more.

Last, but not least, you have the most updated resources for what concerns the security of your online presence.

To further enhance this particular aspect, feel free to check the features, and benefits provided by this special suite for website security.

GreenGeeks Onboarding Wizard

This is a newly released feature by GreenGeeks (watch the video below to know more).

Very interesting indeed, especially for the people who need more assistance to get started.

This is an easier interface to set up your new website fast and without the need to know things about server management.

To be 100% clear: you don’t need to have specific knowledge about internet technologies to run a website, however, you must be familiar with the basic stuff.

By using GreenGeeks Onboarding Wizard, however, you can have your professional website up and running in no time, even if you don’t know absolutely anything about how to manage a website.

A great addition to their pipeline.

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

If you read what we’ve considered about Bluehost, you’ll find that these two web hosting providers have several things in common.

They are both great for people who are just starting out, because of their low prices and ease of use.

Some users believe that Bluehost is “better” for smaller businesses, such as personal websites, while GreenGeeks is to prefer when you run a business with more needs.

We don’t fully agree with such a statement, simply because GreenGeeks is great also for beginners. Even better, if you start with their basic hosting program (the Lite shared hosting plan), probably you’ll stick with it for a longer time, without the need to upgrade, if compared to Bluehost.

But it really depends on what your business is about.

The bottom line, they both are good to start and manage your online business at best.

GreenGeeks Vs Siteground

When it comes to Siteground, things are not that different from what we observed about the comparison with Bluehost.

We just want to point out that Siteground is a bit more expensive, and it has more proprietary features, which means that you need a certain period of time to become familiar with your new hosting dashboard, in the case you switch from one provider to the other.

Always depending on your needs, Siteground could be a better fit especially if you want a lot of room for maneuver, and if you want the possibility to work autonomously also on the server-side of your online business.

But, also, in this case, both hosting providers are great, and your choice should be made after reading very well all features of each plan.

GreenGeeks VPS

This hosting provider also presents a good opportunity for people who are interested in VPS.

The screenshot posted above shows these plans: they suggest the one in the middle as the best option to use.

This really depends on your needs, that’s why we can’t give you specific advice.

However, we want to point out some extremely good features, such as Softaculous, which is likely the best tool to install WordPress and many other web applications.

All the plans provide 10TB transfer, cPanel included, free SSL certificate, free website transfer, and managed support of your account.

The only things that really differ between these plans are the disk space and the RAM, which is normal because they depend on your needs.

This is a great VPS offer.

GreenGeeks Reseller

This type of business is quite advanced, so we don’t recommend it to start a business with that.

However, it may be very lucrative, especially if you are in a narrow and specific niche.

You can choose from three different plans, which vary from 25 up to 80 cPanel accounts (for your clients).

One of the most interesting features is the LSCache Support: this is a proprietary caching technology to makes websites much faster. This comes along with the other two features to increase website speed, namely optimized LiteSpeed web servers and Maria/MySQL database servers.

Another good opportunity is the scalability of your accounts, meaning that you can add easily more memory or RAM as needed.

With added security, special functionalities for eCommerce websites, and specific resources for developers, this reseller program is one of the best you can find on the market.

GreenGeeks Coupon

You can take advantage of several coupons and offers.

First-time users should read carefully all the available options about pricing, because some good surprises may be around the corner.

Important note: when you sign up, especially if this is your #1st time, please consider paying for at least 1, even better 2 or 3 years in advance. This will save you a lot of money.

If you want to start checking opportunities to save money with GreenGeeks, just click the button below and visit the website.

GreenGeeks Pricing

This hosting provider is very competitive for what concerns prices.

Starting from $2.95/month (special price) for the most basic plan (Lite shared hosting), it fits all needs you may have.

A very good hosting to start a website, and you also have the opportunity to scale your business very well.

They are very clear when it comes to pricing: you can find the full list of their services, with corresponding prices, on this page.

You can also check all possible add-ons (and their prices) by clicking here.

GreenGeeks Renewal Price

In the screenshot posted above, you can find regular rates for each shared hosting plan.

Renewal costs are higher than initial subscriptions, but this is totally fine.

Once again, we strongly recommend to “pay more” at the beginning, because this will save you money in the medium and in the long run.

This is valid for shared hosting, which still is the most purchased service, but also applies to more advanced plans.

GreenGeeks Review

To sum up, GreenGeeks is one of the top choices you can make if you’re just starting out your online business journey.


However, it’s also very good for more experienced users, thanks to the scalability, not to mention that it comes with many essential default features.

There are several competitors which, on the contrary, charge you for fundamental things such as SSL certificates, just to make an example.

If you care about the environment, and you want to grow an online business, this is the right choice for your case.


If you’re just starting out, or if you’re working on a personal project/business, GreenGeeks can be the right choice for you.

But you should consider this web hosting in general, whatever your business and your specific needs because it’s a complete package and comes along with many interesting and powerful features.

In addition, they care a lot about the environment, and, given that the Internet is one of the worst polluters nowadays, you can also make a responsible and smart decision by running your website on their servers.

We list below a series of pros (green bullets), and cons (yellow bullets for things that could be improved, or red bullets for real downsides).

Here are the pros:

  • The only (or, at least, the best) “green” web hosting server in the market
  • Very good speed (page loading time)
  • Great uptime guaranteed
  • One of the best choices for WordPress and WooCommerce users
  • Very clear about domains availability and pricing
  • Free domain and website transfer
  • Free SSL certificate in all plans (great!)
  • SSH/shell/command line access allowed on all web servers
  • Unlimited emails from the basic plan (great!)
  • Unlimited MySQL databases from the basic plan (great!)
  • Free CDN to make websites even faster
  • Very effective proprietary tools, such as LSCache, and the 300% Green Energy Match
  • One of the best builders to personalize your website appearance
  • Auto-updates guaranteed for cPanel and WordPress (as well as any other App)
  • Very good and cost-effective VPS plans, which include Softaculous App for free
  • One of the most convenient Reseller programs
  • Many coupons and lower introductory prices (for new users)

Here are things that could be improved:

  • The refund policy has been reported as a bit confusing
  • Account cancelation may be delayed for unknown reasons
  • In the case of transferring a website, things can be a bit complicated (not immediate support in case of troubles)
  • Delayed data deletion after account cancelation (in some cases)
  • Renewal fees can be a bit high for some people

Here are real downsides:

  • There are no real downsides

What to Do Now

We hope that this GreenGeeks review was helpful for you.

Now, check their plans right now and start your new business journey!


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