Hostinger Review: 12 Clear Factors To Know If This Works For You

Hostinger is one of the most used web hosting service providers on the net.

The company is present online for many years, now, and you can find a lot of feedback if you browse the web.

One of the things that impress the most is the number of people who used this service: more than 10 million users over years.

This is really impressive, and for this reason, we can immediately say that Hostinger provides a service that is reliable, fast, and at reasonable prices.

Of course, there are some downsides, and the point is to consider everything and then make a better, informed decision.

We’ll cover everything you need to know in this comprehensive Hostinger review, but from the very beginning, we want to point out that for some reasons this hosting provider can be one of the best choices if you’re starting out, or if you are on a budget.

Then, if you don’t want to read the full review, is totally fine, you can jump to the conclusions and make faster decisions.

On the other hand, if you want to learn a bit more about Hostinger, keep reading and discover all pros and cons of one of the most used service providers on the web.

Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review: Is This Hosting Good For You?

There are some good points, such as website speed (very important for online businesses, and for ranking in google as well), uptime, and costs, especially if you’re just starting out.

If we compare Hostinger with some competitors, we can see that its price competitiveness remains high even when it comes to higher-level hosting plans, as in the case of VPS, for example.

The most used plan is the shared one, meaning that most users do not have special needs for their online business, and under these circumstances, Hostinger does probably its best.

We’re not here to say that other, more advanced plans are not good, but for sure the vast majority of people who like and still use Hostinger have small businesses, personal websites, and other activities that do not involve complicated structures and/or many additional things.


Hostinger Rating

The general rating for Hostinger is good, because of two main features:

  • price
  • speed

Rating tends to decrease when other aspects, such as customer support or multi-site management, begin to be considered.

However, a lot depends on your personal experience: once again, a service provider with more than 10M+ users all around the world must have more pros than cons for sure.

Hostinger Hosting Reviews

Most reviews are positive, however, we want here to point out something that users complain about.

First of all, some people had an unpleasant experience with the speed of their website, which in some cases is slower than expected (and claimed by Hostinger).

Another common issue, probably the one which represents the major issue, is customer support.

In fact, there is no live chat support, which in some cases it’s almost essential to solving issues that, if left untreated, could seriously compromise a website (and, as consequence, the business as a whole).

Some people who manage more than one website at once, from the same platform, report difficulties in isolating operations from one website to another from the same dashboard.

Other people had some issues concerning the limited speed for downloading files via SSH’s WGET. Pretty advanced stuff, that’s why we suggest using Hostinger especially if you’re just starting out or if you don’t have specific needs, such as big disk space. The same if you need to move a lot of data.

As further confirmation of that, there are several Hostinger reviews that report how you should be “super tech-savvy”, to use it at best. Otherwise, these people suggest using another hosting provider.

What we reported above are just a few of the very many controversial reviews you can find on the net, but the conclusion is one: when your needs are growing, probably this hosting provider is not for you unless you know what to do, or, alternatively, if you are not willing to learn something more to manage your website at best from the server-side.

Hostinger Server Locations

Hostinger servers are located in the USA, Asia, and Europe (UK).

This is one of the top reasons for the great speed performance that Hostinger ensures to its clients (with exceptions for some cases reported by users).

All servers are connected to 1000 Mbps connection lines, to give them the best possible stability, besides great performances.

Hostinger SSL

When you signup, you can install your SSL certificate for free to make your website better and easier to rank in Google.

Until recently, the certificate had to be installed manually, today it is available on all plans for free and pre-installed

This is a very significant improvement because so many people used to complain about the not-so-easy procedure to manually install SSL certificates on their own.

Hostinger Cloudflare

This is another important aspect to consider.

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that mainly has two functions:

  • speeding up your website’s loading speed
  • protecting your website from intrusions and DDoS attacks

All Hostinger plans support Cloudflare, so they strongly recommend implementing it in your business.

To make things easier, we want to report here the detailed Hostinger tutorial on how to use Cloudflare with WordPress, and more specifically with Hostingere.

This post will be very useful for people who want to take advantage of using Cloudflare to speed up their websites.

You can find this guide by clicking here.

Hostinger Web Hosting

Despite the fact that Hostinger gives the most (and is most used) in shared hosting plans, there are a variety of opportunities to decide on.

They are:

  • Shared Web Hosting (single, premium, and business)
  • Cloud Hosting (startup, professional, and global)
  • VPS Hosting (VPS1, VPS2, VPS3, VPS4, VPS5, VPS6)
  • Windows VPS Hosting (Windows1, Windows2, Windows3, Windows4)
  • Email Hosting (Business, Enterprise)

As you can see, there are several opportunities that basically can fit all needs.

One of the things that certainly make Hostinger a valuable option is that they have Windows Hosting because there are many other (even good) competitors that do not provide this opportunity.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into these plans, to better understand how they should be used and who can benefit most from them.

Hostinger Plans

The shared hosting plan is the most used, and as you can see from the picture below that there are three different and progressive options.

In this case, we want to start our analysis from the most advanced plans, namely premium, and business.

Hostinger Disk Space

The first thing to consider, which is different from many competitors, is that these two more advanced do not allow more than 100 websites running on the same platform.

For sure the vast majority of people will never reach this number, but there are some cases, for instance, domain flippers, who may need to own hundreds of domains.

In such cases, this may be an issue, if compared to other service providers, like Siteground only to name our top choice, which on the contrary allow unlimited domains.

Hostinger Backup

Another interesting thing to notice is that only the business plan comes with daily backups.

We suggest making backups directly from CPanel, but as we’re going to see Hostinger does not have this interface, that’s why we consider this lack of daily backups for the single and premium plans a potential issue.

In case you would prefer using some plugins, we suggest considering Backupbuddy, the #1 solution for people who want to make easy, fast, and secure backups of their websites.

For what concerns storage, things are fine because when your business needs more than 100 Gb of space, this probably means that you should switch to more “professional” plans.

Hostinger Free Hosting Review

This is quite a demand from users who are interested in starting their business with Hostinger: how to get a “free hosting” plan?

Well, free is an inappropriate word, as, albeit at low cost, Hostinger requires advance payment to be able to work on its servers.

Some people may confuse “free hosting” with “free domain” because there are several web hosting service providers that offer such a service to start.

This may be an advantage or not because it all depends on specific features associated with this domain.

We want to warn you about every possible thing that is “for free” because being very cheap on your business is not the right way to start your online journey.

Hostinger Single Shared Hosting

Let’s deepen a bit more now about the first plan, the basic one, which still is the most commonly purchased by the people.

There are some things we like, such as the disk space storage (10 Gb): in fact, for this plan, it’s very reasonable.

Another interesting thing is the bandwidth (100 Gb), even though if you could afford at least the first upgrade (premium plan) you can get an extremely important advantage, given that the bandwidth is unlimited (of course, you know that “unlimited” is just an ideal concept, however, you’re going to experience much fewer problems with this plan).

You do not have the free domain registration, and you don’t have any daily backups.

We don’t like the fact that you have just one email because most other service providers allow creating more emails, even though the space is limited. But a business should have more than one single email address, and this plan is too limited in that.

So, this single plan can be good just for people who are doing one thing online, and only this one (for instance, writing a personal blog).

Hostinger Website Builder Review

We don’t really like website builders so much, especially when they come along with the hosting package you choose.

This because you can select among an enormous variety of options elsewhere, not to mention website templates that can better fit your needs.

Not to mention that website builders (even the simplest to use) need a bit of knowledge on design because it’s not just a matter of “technology”, but also creativity and good taste.

Whatever the case, Hostinger provides a good interface to create your website. called Zyro.

This website builder has its own section within the Hostinger website and it’s also subject to several discounts, such as the one you can see from the picture above (the “Cyber Monday”, that periodically appears).

We did not use this website builder, so we can’t be of great help, but there are many people who like it, it’s a matter of taste and, especially, of habit to a certain type of work.

So, if you like crafting websites on your own, go for it, but always remember that website templates should be light-fast, just because a website will tend to slow its performances due to content increase.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger has a special plan dedicated to people who want to use WordPress.

We suggest doing it because this allows you to start faster and better.

As you can see, the suggested plan is the Starter plan.

It’s very good for several reasons, such as:

  • the possibility to create and run 100 websites
  • perfectly handled traffic up to 25K visitors per month
  • up to 100 domain-related email addresses
  • many tools for making WordPress as easiest as possible
  • unlimited databases (very good)
  • multisite

We suggest using WordPress in general, so we also suggest using this specific plan if you like Hostinger.

The only little downside is that this plan does not provide any CDN integration, but this is a “minor” issue if your website is light and clean.

Hostinger WooCommerce

Hostinger is also good for WooCommerce, and we have to say that they take eCommerce very seriously.

In fact, as presented in the image above, there are three different plans that adapt to the specific needs of an online store.

The one in the middle, called “Woo Premium” is considered the best, and we want to point out the importance of having daily backups for your online store.

The first plan, called “Woo Starter”, could also be good, but gives you only weekly backups, and if you sell items this may be risky.

The bigger plan, called “Woo Business”, is not so different than the “Premium”, it only differs for Jetpack, we don’t recommend to use, to be honest.

When it comes to added security, we suggest using the PRO Security Suite iThemes instead, because it’s a great series of security tools and services for basically any website, and any need.


Hostinger Shopify

Using Shopify with Hostinger is a bit tricky, although possible.

You should read this special page that shows what to do.

It’s about the proper integration of your domain with Shopify, then you have to connect accounts and finally verify your property.

If you already are using Shopify this guide will be helpful.

If you’re just starting out with an online store, we definitely suggest you use WordPress, no questions asked.

A tip: if you plan to sell digital goods ONLY, you should refer to EDD (Easy Digital Downloads), which is free and allows you to do this thing much faster and easier than WooCommerce does.

CPanel Hostinger

We should not call it “cPanel”, but “hPanel” instead.


In fact, Hostinger does not provide access to the commonly used cPanel, because they developed their own control panel, and this is the reason for several complaints.

To make things clear, people do not complain because this hPanel does not work (it works well), but if you are familiar with cPanel you may find it troublesome to get used to this new dashboard.

This is not a major issue, however, if you are not familiar with this unique panel you will need some time to learn its full functionality.

THere’s another “issue” to consider, however, that is worth mentioning.

It’s about MySQL databases.

Hostinger MySQL

One thing we definitely don’t like is that you can only use 2 MySQL databases.

Even if your business is little, you should have at least 5 databases, for the best possible flexibility.

Not to mention the need to categorize things when you’re working online.

That’s why we recommend starting with plans that give you unlimited MySQL databases, especially if you use WordPress.

Hostinger Domain

Hostinger offers a free domain if you choose (at least) premium and business plans for shared hosting services.

This is a good opportunity because for sure you need a domain name to start, and by choosing the above-mentioned plans you get more from your future server.

In our opinion, and if you’re interested in running your next project on Hostinger web hosting, we strongly recommend not to start with the starter plan and then pay for a new domain.

This because you may need to upgrade your plan in the near future.

So, the best thing to do is to purchase a better plan (just like business or premium) and take advantage of already having a free domain.

Hostinger Domain Search

Talking about domain search, you can use the “domain finder” you see on the dedicated page.

However, we suggest doing two different things (this always applies, well before choosing a web hosting provider).

There are two steps to consider:

  • you can use a very good website called “Flamedomain” (now “Domain Wheel”), to literally create your new domain name by leveraging the power of keywords
  • you can browse the net for expired domains, by using the website called expired domains

We suggest doing this because you can find ideas, suggestions, and even “ready-made” domain names that could be better for your online business.

We recommend using Namesilo to register a new domain name.

This because of two important reasons: first of all, you can pay any domain only $8/year, and renewal fees are the same (cheapest on the market).

In addition, you have free WHOIS Privacy forever included in the price.

So, Namesilo is the best domain registrar you can find now.

Hostinger Name Server

There are many people who are asking what are Hostinger name servers.

We report them below as a quick reference:


When inside your control panel, you can easily find these name servers by clicking on the “Details” section.

Even if you have the possibility to register your domain with Hostinger, we don’t recommend doing that.

This because we prefer to have all domains in one single place, and redirect each of them to the corresponding hosting plan.

It’s your call, however, we want to share with you our preference.

To register domains, at the lowest possible price, and getting the ability to better manage them, all together, from a single control panel, we strongly recommend using Namesilo.

Hostinger Domain Transfer

Each website has its own EPP code: this code is known as an authorization or an Auth code and is a secret and unique code assigned by the domain registrar and required for domain name’s transfer.

You need this EPP code to transfer a domain.

Hostinger provides you total assistance with detailed procedures to follow in the case you have to transfer a domain from GoDaddy, Hostgator, or BlueHost.

The process of transferring a domain is made of the four steps you see in the image above, and it’s fully automated (the only thing you need is to get the EPP code seen before).

Can I Change My Domain?

This is not possible, once you have your account registered and active.

However, if you want to change the domain (and transfer all the content you already created), there is a procedure.

First of all, you have to create a backup of the current hosting account.

Then, purchase a new domain by going to your hPanel.

Afterward, upload your content to a new hosting account (you’re guided all throughout the process).

Finally, you must park a new domain name on the existing hosting account.

In order for you to avoid change things on the go, it is important that you choose a good domain name right from the start (the suggestions we provided above can make the difference).

Hostinger Email

This is a very interesting feature.

As you can see from the image we posted above, you can signup for a Hostinger email plan, without the need to create a website, if you need an email only.

We’d suggest creating a website and not just an email-based business, but we do know that there may be some circumstances that make this choice right.

For instance, there are many professionals, such as consultants, who use LinkedIn as their basis to find clients online.

These professionals often use a branded email even if they do not have a real website: they actually use their LinkedIn profile in its place.

Hostinger Business Email

The Business email plan is particularly good because it allows you to customize your email with a domain to have a branded email even in the absence of a real brand.

The price is more than affordable, even in the long run, with its $0.99 per month.

What we like the most about this plan is the opportunity to work with 50 email aliases, which is great: this allows you to present yourself as a real business even in the absence of a real website.

Just a few words about the GSuite: we believe it’s a bit too pricy, especially if you think that, with the exception of tools like Google Drive, the plan does not differ much from the one called Enterprise.

Even if you love the typical Gmail interface, more than $6 per month may be an issue for many people.

Hostinger VPS

This is a very detailed offer, as you can see from the image posted below: it shows just some of the various VPS plans you can choose from.

The first thing we want to point out is just the variety of this offer. You can choose from 6 progressive solutions for your new virtual private server.

This means that basically every need is covered.

The recommended plan for the majority of users is the VPS2, with its 2 Gb RAM, 40 Gb Disk Space, and 2 TB Bandwidth (a dedicated IP address and full access to the root is guaranteed for all plans).

Without going into the technical details, in fact, only you can judge specifically (according to your needs), there is still one very positive thing worth noting: the 30-day money-back guarantee, that’s extended to your VPS plan also (just like all other hosting plans).

This literally makes feel “better” for many customers, who consider this opportunity one of Hostinger’s best qualities in general.

Hostinger VPS Setup

This may be tricky for some users, even if those who decide to switch to a VPS certainly have the excellent technical knowledge or, alternatively, refer to an expert webmaster.

Whatever case, Hostinger provides a detailed, very-well written step-by-step guide on how to set up your VPS properly.

You only need two things to start:

  • the access to VPS with preinstalled hPanel/WHM
  • the VPS root login details

Then, you only need to follow the extensive guide you find on this page, and everything will be fine.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

This option is similar to VPS, however, it presents some differences.

We can read directly from the Hostinger website what this is about:

Cloud Hosting is similar to a VPS – you get the dedicated IP and resources. The difference is that if you have a VPS, the OS, updates, and software are fully managed by you. However, if you don’t feel confident with your technical knowledge – go for Cloud Hosting, as we’ll take care of everything, including the backend, updates, and other important stuff.Hostinger Website

What makes Cloud Hosting good for many people is that even if you’re not so an expert, Hostinger staff will set up things for you and will help you in the progress.

We might say that Cloud Hosting is a step in the middle between Shared Hosting and VPS.

Hostinger Dedicated Server

Many people are asking about the possibility to have a dedicated server with Hostinger, however, the solution they provide is the VPS.

So, for everything related to dedicated servers and greater needs for your business, you can refer to one of the 6 different, progressive VPS hosting plans that are more than good to fit any needs.

Alternatively, you can consider the Cloud offer, always depending on what you really need.

In the case you want the best of the best, for more advanced solutions, you should however consider switching to LiquidWeb.

Hostinger Pricing

For many people, prices are one of the best features to consider about Hostinger web hosting.

However, there are some things to highlight, to make a better, informed decision.

First of all, you have to pay for extra-domains, which is fine, but some people still are confused about that, because of the “free domain” opportunity provided by Hostinger.

First of all, we agree that introductory fees are very competitive, in fact, you can start your new website with $0.99/month!

But remember: you can benefit from this offer only if you pay for 48 months in advance, and during this period (of 4 years) your business needs can change a lot.

That’s why we recommend starting with at least the premium plan, if not the business already from the very beginning.

For what concerns Cloud hosting and VPS, prices are competitive too, but in all these cases, you have to consider your special needs, because each case is different and specific.

Hostinger Trial

This is a very nice feature, useful for people who want to learn more about the unique control panel developed by Hostinger.

You can see how it appears in the image below.

We suggest trying it before to understand if this unique panel can be good for you.

In fact, Hostinger allows you to test their platform in advance, so that you can start better once created your account and purchased a hosting plan.

Hostinger Renewal Prices

Some users may not like this thing.

In fact, by taking the basic (shared hosting) plan as a reference, you will pay $0.99/month for 4 years, but after this period of time, renewal fees are higher, precisely $2.15/month.

Not such a big increase for sure, however, you should know in advance this feature.

Moreover, we believe that you’ll not stay with this plan forever, because your business will progressively have more needs, that’s why you must read carefully everything revolves around renewal fees, because they are higher than expected, if you only look at the starting prices.

There’s another aspect to point out.

It concerns the refund policy, you can find it at this link.

We suggest reading it very well because you’ll discover that some things like redemption fees, domain name renewals, and privacy protection are not included.

In addition, their policy also established 4 days window time to refund some domain extensions, while almost all other web hosting service providers give you 30 days.

Again, these are minor issues, however, it’s important that you know everything in advance.

Hostinger Coupon

This company likes to give you coupons and discounts on a regular basis.

That’s why we strongly suggest you check their offers by clicking the screenshot above.


Hostinger is one of the most used hosting providers all around the net. Very low-cost, it’s a great choice for small businesses and people who are looking for a cheap, but reliable solution, to start their online business journey.

Talking about more advanced users, they can also be satisfied by VPS and Cloud offers. We only suggest starting with the shared hosting business plan (the most advanced for shared hosting) to keep your business stable for years without the need to upgrade from time to time.

To make things even clearer, we list below a series of pros (green bullets), and cons (yellow bullets for things that could be improved, or red bullets for real downsides).

Here are the pros:

  • One of the most used platforms in the world
  • Very good introductory prices
  • One of the services that provide greater speed for websites running on the platform
  • One of the best uptime scores on the market
  • Finally, free SSL for all websites
  • High versatility for all their plans (for instance, you can choose from 6 VPS plans!)
  • Very good: they have Windows hosting!
  • Separate Email hosting opportunity
  • Free domain available for 2 of 3 shared hosting plans
  • Very good WordPress special hosting
  • Some people really love their unique control panel (which is different from cPanel)
  • Opportunity to test this unique control panel for free before to purchase

Here are things that could be improved:

  • Customer support (as reported by many people)
  • There is no live-chat support (you must be logged in)
  • A bit difficult for many people to manage more websites at one from the same platform
  • Some troubles may occur for very advanced operations (such as uploading files via SSH)
  • Some people don’t like their unique control panel (just because it’s different from cPanel)
  • The basic plan provides 2 MySQL databases only
  • You need to pay in advance for 4 years in the shared hosting plan ($0.99/month)
  • Renewal fees higher than expected (if compared to introductory prices – $2.99/month for the basic shared hosting)

Here are real downsides:

  • There are no real downsides

What To Do Now

We hope that this Hostinger review was helpful for you.

Now, check Hostinger’s plans right now and start your new business journey!


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