InMotion Hosting Review: 12 Strong Points To Feel More Comfortable

There are several reasons to write a detailed InMotion Hosting review.

First of all, this company is one of the most known internationally, even if their servers are only located in the USA.

The second reason, is that you can find quite controversial reviews on the net, meaning that there are customers who complain about some features, while others are totally satisfied.

In the case of InMotion hosting, this is even more important than it may seem.

In fact, we’re going to see that their hosting programs are better for small-medium companies, more than solopreneurs, bloggers, and personal websites in general.

This should be considered in the first place, to avoid changing things later.

If you don’t want to read the full review, you can jump to the conclusions and make faster decisions.

If you want to learn a bit more about InMotion Hosting, keep reading, and discover all pros and cons of one of the most discussed service providers.

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting Review: The Background

Talking about technical features, there are several benefits of using InMotion Hosting.

As you read from their homepage, this hosting provider focuses the attention on the following features:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Reliability

However, as we’re going to find in some reviews, not all people agree, especially when it comes to speed.

From a general point of view, they are very good for what concerns technical support, always available, while most competitors do not provide similar service for all plans (including entry levels).

In addition, they give you a more than generous 90-Days money-back guarantee, which is one of the best deals you can find on the market nowadays.

Moreover, you can choose from several plans, to perfectly fit your needs, even if such a thing always presents a downside.

In fact, more plans also mean fewer features available for every single plan.


InMotion Hosting Uptime

This is one of the best features provided by InMotion Hosting.

According to specialized services, InMotion Hosting uptime is well above the average, with 99.95%.

This is quite a guarantee to stay online almost without issues, to the complete benefit of your business.

InMotion Hosting Let’sEncrypt

This is another great feature provided by InMotion Hosting, and not all competitors do the same. There is the possibility to install an SSL certificate for free, to boost the trust of your website and your business as well.

There is a dedicated guide on how to install an SSL on your website, and this is valid for shared hosting, and VPS, and Dedicated Servers with cPanel.

This is available from entry levels, which is great and for sure an asset for this hosting provider.

InMotion SSH

In this case, the option is available only for VPS and Dedicated Servers, and Reseller Hosting.

This is another benefit, which needs expert people, that’s why you can find only on VPS and Dedicated Servers options (plus Reseller, because you are managing servers of your clients).

As you can see from the screenshot posted above, Inmotion Hosting provides a special offer for SSH Hosting, which addresses very specific needs.

So, if you want to take full control of your server by using SSH, you can do that at very low fees.

This plan is really interesting and can help many people taking full control of their businesses without the need to invest tons of money.

InMotion Hosting Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a well-known third-party service that provides security and optimization for websites on the internet.

There’s the possibility to use Cloudflare while running your website on InMotion hosting.

In order to do that, you need to have an account with Cloudflare as the first step.

Then, your account must be active and up-to-date before trying to attempt the steps provided by InMotion hosting’s guide.

This is another very good opportunity made available by this company, and we always suggest (in general) using Cloudflare for better performances.

InMotion Reviews

Generally speaking, InMotion Hosting reviews are good and bad, as shown in the screenshot below from Trustpilot.

So, could we, therefore, say that Inmotion Hosting is a “so-so” service? Well, not really.

We always invite you to read full reviews and don’t look just at the titles or summaries, because things are always much more complex than they might seem.

In fact, you can read complaints about:

  • AMP integrations
  • domain transfers
  • auto-renewals
  • tech support

We would say that such things happen, are just part of the game, and with almost half a million websites is normal that not everyone can be completely satisfied.

Not to mention that many reviewers are more than happy with InMotion hosting customer support, along with many other technical features.

So, where’s the truth?

Always in the middle, you only make a choice basing everything on what YOU need, and your business will be safe.

InMotion Web Hosting

There is a big choice of plans, for all needs, right from the start.

We’ll consider them deeply later, for the moment let’s scrape the surface of what they offer.

There is special attention for WordPress users, which is great: we always recommend using WordPress as your CMS, also for more complex businesses, such as online stores.

But we also see that they have several specific server solutions for more needs: not to mention the great “Infrastructure Solutions”, which is really advanced, and this is one of the reasons to say that InMotion Hosting is built to work better with established businesses, more than people who are just starting out.

Please note that we’re not here to say that Inmotion hosting is not good for beginners, because there are several benefits to take advantage of, such as the free SSL certificate, and the possibility to install Cloudflare.

We would almost like to say that, with InMotion Hosting, beginners would get the most from a more advanced server or WordPress solutions, meaning that we would suggest going for more “advanced” plans from the very beginning, to exploit the power of this hosting provider.

InMotion Hosting cPanel

cPanel is the likely best interface for managing everything on your server, and it’s the most liked as well.

You can have Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, or a Dedicated Server, and cPanel will work.

This is a must for most hosting companies, even though not all rely on it, and this could complicate things if you’re familiar with it.

InMotion hosting belongs to the category of hosting providers that integrate seamlessly with their offers, just like HostPapa, A2 Hosting, and many more.

We recommend for sure to work with it because it will make things faster and easier.

Please note that the cPanel you’re going to use with InMotion Hosting has slightly different graphics, as changes have been made for branding purposes.

InMotion Hosting AMP

This may confuse some people, that’s why we must make things clear: AMP is not a “double” for cPanel, because it has different functions.

AMP does mean “Account Management Panel”, and tools used by all InMotion Hosting customers.

This AMP is primarily used to manage the billing aspects of your accounts, so, you’re not going to use AMP for managing your servers (for that, you’ll use cPanel instead).

You’ll use AMP mainly for the following things:

  • Registration of new domains
  • Update, or change, privacy-related stuff
  • Purchase SSL certificates (even though you can get them for free)

While on AMP, you also can edit your cPanel Login data, meaning that AMP is the “first door” to access your server accounts.

InMotion Hosting Plans

We’ve considered before the detailed offer that InMotion does provide to potential customers, and now we want to focus the attention on the still most selected offer.

It’s about Shared Hosting, which comes with an even more detailed series of opportunities.

This could confuse some people, especially whose are just planning to start out a new business online.

That’s why we want to help you with the choice.

InMotion Shared Hosting

As you see from the screenshot below, there are even four different plans to choose from, and the final choice is not so easy, to be honest.

The smallest plan, called Lite, is just “basic”, and you only have one domain, and no free domains (available from the next plan).

There’s one good thing, about this plan, namely the unlimited bandwidth: please note that’s kind of “ideal” thing because if your website has a lot of traffic some issues will arise.

However, this is more than good for a so basic plan.

The next plan, called Launch, is far better and gives you the possibility to present your online business very well on the net.

We like, in particular, the free domain opportunity, but also 10 email addresses to brand your messages (very good), and a powerful enough security suite.

We don’t want to write anything specific about marketing tools, because you can use it or not, it really depends on your business and your skills in marketing (this can be pretty tough, that’s why it would be best to leave such a thing to experts).

InMotion Hosting Power Plan

This is the recommended plan by InMotion Hosting.

For sure, it’s a good plan, even though there are no such substantial differences with the previous plan, for what concerns the possibilities of significantly improving the management of your business.

The likely best thing is the possibility to own 50 domains, and this is good because you can purchase several domains related to your business and so “dominate” space.

Storage is also bigger, but a small business may not need such a quantity of available disk space.

The only “exception” is for online stores: in fact, this Power Plan presents specific eCommerce ready-made features to make your experience faster and easier.

That being said, about online stores, always consider the possibility of using WordPress.


InMotion Hosting WordPress

The offer they provide for WordPress users is kind of “World Class”, just because you can scale your business to new heights, and you will always be covered.

The image posted above shows what plan you can choose from: they recommend going for the plan in the middle, called WP-2000S, and we definitely agree with them.

In fact, despite this may sound too much, you’ll have 2 websites and 100 Gb of disk space available: this is a great advantage, especially for businesses that are growing, or at least they plan to grow.

The “ultimate” plan for WordPress users, called WP-3000S, is not so different from the WP-2000S, with the exception of the last option, Cache Pool. This will make your website even faster, however, performance can be more than good also by running your WP website with the WP-2000S Plan.

InMotion WordPress Hosting Review

We say once again that the offer for WordPress users is more than good: for sure, it’s one of the best you can find on the market right now.

We suggest going for the plan in the middle, and only switch to the last and most complete plan if you want an even faster website: this may happen when you have tons of files to store, and you are worried about website speed.

We really like the fact that you have unlimited emails from the very beginning, a solid security suite, and, for people with knowledge of that, also a more than valid marketing suite.

About Jetpack, feel free to do what you want: for what concerns us, and our direct experience, we don’t use this plugin, especially because we want to limit plugins and add-ons at the minimum level possible, even though Jetpack is certainly good.

So, if you want to use it, you’re free to do that and you will not be disappointed: for sure, it allows you to implement CDN and daily backups (very important!), which are real assets for every business.

If you’re looking for more specific solutions concerning backups, you should certainly consider Backupbuddy, the likely best plugin for WordPress to make fast and easy backups.

InMotion VPS

As we’ve considered before about the fact that InMotion Hosting looks more at established businesses, we have here their great VPS offer.

There are three progressive plans, based on Linux.

The entry-level plan is far smaller if compared to others, however, it’s just good for people/businesses willing to switch from Shared Hosting plans.

And the same is valid for those who are already experienced in server management, but who do not yet have their own site or want to create a new one.

The 2nd and the 3rd plans are much bigger when it comes to things like available RAM, disk space storage, bandwidth, and dedicated IPs.

Whatever your choice, all plans are packed with:

  • cPanel interface for the best management experience
  • Fully managed hosting (if you wish)
  • Dedicated resources you can use without the need to pay the upfront costs of your own server
  • A generous 90-days money-back guarantee

You can also benefit from some additional services (premium, so you must pay for them), such as eCommerce optimization, an advanced firewall, and unlimited professional emails.

We believe that these features should be available as default for most VPS plans, however, not all businesses would need them.

InMotion Cloud Hosting

This is further confirmation of the fact that InMotion Hosting should be considered especially if you run an established business: the Cloud Hosting offer shows why.

There are very many plans when it comes to Cloud Hosting: in fact, what you see in the screenshot above is just a pre-selection page.

The Cloud offer targets several different types of business, such as agencies, small businesses, and enterprises; you can also signup for a special plan dedicated to App developers.

A very detailed and specific offer mainly for established business: the only option for businesses that are not yet established on the web it could be 3rd one, addressed to small businesses (details below).

In this case, you can benefit from accelerating performance, great scalability for growing your business (you can add resources and Apps when you need them), and a more secure platform to work on. Not to mention the best possible technical support, available 24/7.

This offer is particularly good for businesses that handle sensitive data, and online stores.

InMotion Managed Hosting

You have the possibility to leave all hosting management to a dedicated team of experts.

From the page above, you can chat directly with InMotion Hosting experts to know more about this opportunity.

You can ask for the temporary management of your server, with times to be decided.

In short, the tech team will make you available a series of solutions to fit your needs at best, just like to create the perfect environment to grow your website and its related business.

This is a highly professional service, and certainly not for everyone, further proof of the fact that InMotion Hosting is far more oriented to established businesses, agencies, and companies.

InMotion Dedicated Server

This is the “top of the tops”, among the very many InMotion Hosting offers.

We don’t want to spend a lot of words on that because if you’re looking at this as a viable option, you’re already an expert and probably looking for specific features you can easily read in the screenshot above.

Let us point out some huge benefits, such as the RAID software (to increase at best performances of disk data storage), 2 hours of free managed hosting as default for all plans, and the possibility to choose your Data Center for the 2nd and the 3rd plan.

If you click on “Configure Your Server” you’ll land on a page to choose the specific configuration of your server, meaning that you’re free to select things like data centers, memory, primary and secondary drive, hardware firewall, and more.

You also have the possibility to ask for specific things you may like, to make basically unique the configuration of your server.

Really advanced stuff, but one of the best offers on the market for sure.

InMotion Hosting Reseller

We want to mention that because you may be interested in this opportunity, and InMotion Hosting makes available a solid reseller hosting program.

From 25 up to 80 cPanel accounts, you can create your little company very fast and easy.

This program comes with the following (as default):

  • Free SSD storage
  • Free billing software
  • Free domain reseller
  • WordPress optimization

In addition, you can install up to 400 Apps for your clients, and there is special attention to online stores.

Talking about security, servers are equipped with Corero’s DDoS protection, and Patchman’s Malware detection, to further increase protection from DDoS attacks (these partnerships have been created so you don’t have to care about security for your clients on your own).

InMotion Hosting Domain

You have the possibility to search and purchase domain names from the dedicated page.

When it comes to registering a new domain, you always should keep in mind some “golden rules”:

  • The domain name should be short (if possible, less than 15 characters)
  • It should also be unique and must help to identify your brand
  • It could be an “expired domain”, meaning that you can find a good domain name with some “history”, and backlinks, or even traffic from the beginning

We don’t really like to register domains with hosting providers, because we prefer a lot to keep domains in one single place, then redirect them to the selected servers.

We suggest checking Namesilo, our #1 choice for registering new domains: it’s the cheapest you can find on the market and, even better, renewal fees are the very same as the introductory price.

InMotion Hosting also allows the transfer of domains easily, however, this opportunity is not always free: you must pay a fee for domains you’ll transfer in addition to the free domain that several plans make available as default.

Finally, there’s a thing we don’t like so much, for InMotion Hosting domains: it’s about WHOIS Privacy.

In fact, this is not free, while there are many competitors which, on the contrary, don’t charge for getting your domain data secured.

Namesilo provides you with a strong WHOIS Privacy totally for free, and you’ll pay no more than $8 per year (the same will be for renewals).

InMotion Hosting Coupon

This is a very interesting and “nice” feature because you do not need to search the net for special coupons, as InMotion Hosting provides you with a page that summarizes all the offers currently available.

To be more precise, however, InMotion Hosting does not provide any discount codes through third-party websites.

This means that they integrate special introductory offers for all new customers, without any need to give special deals and coupons.

The only thing that you need to do is to sign up, and, if possible to pay in advance for more years.

InMotion Hosting Discount

The best thing to benefit from a discount is to pay for at least 1 year (better, 2 years) in advance.

Please beware of other websites that can make misleading offers such as:

  • InMotion Coupon
  • InMotion Hosting Coupon Code
  • InMotion Hosting Coupons
  • InMotion Hosting Code
  • InMotion Hosting Promo Codes

We suggest contacting InMotion Hosting in advance to know if a “special deal” you may find online is real, or its’ not.

InMotion Hosting Pricing

As in the case of many other hosting providers, prices hide some things to know.

The screenshot above reports prices for shared hosting, however, this is not all.

In fact, if you want things like SSH, or (much more common) cPanel as the interface, you are charged more.

This because prices do not cover all the things you may need to run your business.

In fact, one of the most reported complaints by customers is a kind of limitation for several plans.

This is another reason why we say that InMotion Hosting is looking at established businesses, more than people who are just starting out.

InMotion Hosting Renewal Prices

Renewal fees are significantly higher than first-time signup costs.

Thie because the price you paid for the first year includes a ‘new customer discount’.

But this not so different than what happens for other hosting providers.

There are people who like to change hosting year by year, to benefit from the best deals, but we don’t recommend this practice: in fact, you will miss features, and tools that are needed for your business, sooner or later.

We strongly advise you to check renewal rates very well and don’t limit your evaluation to the introductory prices only.


At the end of this InMotion Hosting review, we can say what follows.

Strictly speaking of technical issues, InMotion Hosting is very good and provides great services. In other words, your business can really stand out, if you are aware of how to get the best from a hosting service. And, this exactly is the point.

We don’t recommend InMotion Hosting to people who are just starting out, and even less to people who are not experts in running an online business.

Features provided by this hosting provider are advanced, and you can for sure start a business with them, although you risk not getting the most from it.

To sum up, if you are tech-savvy and you know what to do also from the server-side of things, you can go for it and you’ll not be disappointed.

Also, you must be prepared to pay a bit more than what you find in their pricing tables to exploit services at best.

We list below a series of pros (green bullets), and cons (yellow bullets for things that could be improved, or red bullets for real downsides).

Here are the pros:

  • Great for established businesses and people who know about technology
  • Good security, speed, and reliability
  • More than good customer support
  • One of the best uptime
  • Free SSL for all plans (great!)
  • Possibility to integrate Cloudflare
  • Possibility to use cPanel
  • A high number of options to choose from for each offer
  • Special attention to online stores
  • Dedicated WordPress plans
  • A generous 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Possibility to customize everything (really advanced!)

Here are things that could be improved:

  • Not really recommended for people who are just starting out
  • Some possible issues with AMP interface, domain transfers, auto-renewals, and tech support
  • Domain transfer is no longer free for additional domains
  • The WHOIS Privacy for new domains is not free
  • Introductory prices may not be enough to work at best on your website (premium additional services needed)
  • Renewal fees are quite higher than expected
  • No special discounts (only the lower fee for first-time sign up)

Here are real downsides:

  • There are no real downsides

What To Do Now

We hope that this InMotion Hosting review was helpful for you.

Now, check InMotion Hosting plans right now and start your new business journey!


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