LiquidWeb Review: 1 Unusual Thing And 7 Facts For Special Clients

We want to start saying immediately what is the “unusual” thing related to LiquidWeb.

It’s about a specific choice they made for customers, meaning that this company is not for everyone, but just for people who want to start from a higher level of hosting services.

This is the reason why they do not offer shared hosting plans (but they recommend a more than the good alternative, don’t worry).

Quite unusual, but essential to know from the very beginning so that you can make a more informed decision.

In fact, if you’re just starting out, or if you’re a blogger, you run a personal website with no specific intentions to grow your online presence, you should consider that carefully.

Starting with a VPS, or Dedicated Server option, could it be worth it for your case?

There are several reasons to say “yes”, or “no”, but it really depends on things like your level of expertise, your business idea, your needs, and more.

So, if you’re an expert or, at least, you have some experience on how to run a server, LiquidWeb can be great for your case.

If you don’t want to read the full review, you can jump to the conclusions and make faster decisions.

If you want to learn a bit more about LiquidWeb, keep reading and discover all pros and cons of one of the most used service providers for WordPress (but not only).

LiquidWeb Review

LiquidWeb: Not For All Businesses

The main fact we want to outline, once again, is that they do not provide shared hosting plans, because they focus the attention on higher levels of server management.

In fact, from the homepage of LiquidWeb, you read that they provide Managed Hosting, and Custom Solutions, which is great for experts and more advanced users.

Among the features they claim are the best in the market, there is speed, but especially uptime.

LiquidWeb is perhaps the best hosting provider when it comes to uptime because several websites confirm that they provide around 99.99% uptime, which is absolutely great.

If you check their navigation menu, you can find more specific solutions for business agencies, even bigger companies, and you can get the picture of the highly selected and special offer they provide.


Liquid Web Security

At LiquidWeb, in accordance with the fact that only high-level services are available, they take web security very seriously.

As you see from the screenshot posted above, they offer a double bundle service protection opportunity.

As a general premise, you can choose between Linux and Windows servers, which is not common to all competitors.

For instance, there are other similar hosting providers, like A2 Hosting, which do not have a complete offer when it comes to Windows Hosting, unlikely what LiquidWeb actually does.

Depending on the server you choose (Linux or Windows), you can benefit from different features, however, you can count on a special anti-virus, and ServerSecure, or ServerSecure Plus, which is exclusively available on LiquidWeb.

It is a proprietary suite of tools for optimizing security settings and is offered both for fully-managed Windows and Linux servers; ServerSecurity Plus is an extension for even more protection against malware, and much more.

LiquidWeb Cloudflare

There is a detailed procedure to follow for adding Cloudflare to your website.

You can use your interface to add Cloudflare, then you’ll have to decide which Cloudflare plan for LiquidWeb you want for your website.

Along with the process, you’ll be asked to choose among several plans, with different prices, in fact, this offer is not for free.

The recommended plan is called Plus, and it comes with the following features:

  • SSL support
  • Advanced performance
  • Mobile optimization
  • SPDY support

The latter option is a protocol developed by Google to increase the speed and efficiency of delivering web content (SPDY): one of the most important benefits is that faster page loading times are accompanied by lower bandwidth usage.

LiquidWeb SSH

You have the possibility to log in to your server from a remote computer such as your home desktop or laptop.

This is possible by using an account on a cPanel server with shell access or your own VPS or Dedicated Server running Linux.

So, you can benefit from it with most LiquidWeb hosting plans.

They provide a detailed guide on SSH, and how to use it at best, even though this should not be an issue, considering that LiquidWeb users are experts working on more advanced hosting solutions.

Liquid Web Customer Service

This is a crucial aspect for all hosting providers, and in the case of LiquidWeb, they care a lot about that.

To be honest, they make a very big, bold claim by saying that they are “the most helpful humans in hosting”.

If you browse the web, you can find many positive reviews, and feedback, from their customers.

You can benefit from “hosting advisory tips” before starting your journey with them, but also dedicated Monitoring, Security, and Network Teams focusing on our network, platform, and your servers.

Liquid Web Reviews

If you want to take a look at some reviews online, you can check Trustpilot to read what customers say about LiquidWeb.

The overall score is very high, meaning that people are satisfied, despite some issues faced by a limited number of people.

These issues are mostly related to website deletion or troubles with contracts, privacy procedures, and general performance (including speed).

However, this is “part of the game”, in fact, they currently manage more than 1 million sites, which is a huge number indeed.

So, you can expect to read some negative reviews: in fact, despite the fact they claim to be “the most helpful humans”, they still are humans.

LiquidWeb Alternative

There are several alternatives to LiquidWeb you could consider, but everything depends on your specific needs.

For instance, if you’re looking for shared hosting plans, all other companies are an alternative, given that LiquidWeb does not provide shared hosting plans.

Before to start considering other plans, however, we strongly recommend checking the following option.


This iThemes Shared Hosting solution is perfect for basically any needs: moreover, it perfectly integrates with LiquidWeb.

This means that if you plan to grow your website, and your business as well, you can start with iThemes Shared Hosting, then switch to LiquidWeb options.

This would be a smart choice, especially for people who want to be successful online.

For sure, you can consider alternatives when it comes to more advanced plans, as we indicate below, however, we believe that LiquidWeb is a top-notch solution to consider for serious businesses.

Talking about VPS, and Dedicated Servers, you can check our reviews about InMotion Hosting, HostGator, SiteGround, Hostinger, and others.

The first thing to do is to write down your top priorities, then read reviews, and make the most informed decision possible

Liquid Web Hosting

With an exception for shared hosting, at LiquidWeb you can find all you need to run a successful online business.

The screenshot posted above shows the offer related to VPS and Dedicated Servers.

But you can also work with a top-class Cloud Hosting solution, which is a ready-to-go, scalable cloud hosting that supports CentOS 7 & cPanel. VMware private cloud for developers and Cloud Dedicated Servers are also available.

Finally, there is a very special offer, called “Digital Commerce Cloud”, which addresses online stores. This offer is built for people who use WooCommerce and Magento.

Liquid Web Hosting Plans

The screenshot below presents the complete offer of LiquidWeb and all its plans.

You can also read respective prices, which may vary a lot depending on the specific plan.

These plans are more likely addressing special business needs, as follows:

  • Multi-Site platforms
  • Online stores and also blogs, especially running on WordPress
  • Developers
  • Compliance solutions
  • Database hosting
  • Reseller business

If your case falls under one or more business types listed above, you can go for LiquidWeb and you will not be disappointed at all.

Liquid Web Shared Hosting

As we’ve considered before, there is not such an option, however, they suggest going for iThemes Shared Hosting: this is a more than valid option to start with.


We definitely recommend it, especially if you plan to grow your website (and business) with time.

LiquidWeb Login

The account and Cloud Management portal of LiquidWeb is called “Manage”.

When you’re inside your “Manage” area, you can control your servers and services, whether your deployment is:

  • a single Storm® VPS (Virtual Private Server),
  • a combination of several Liquid Web Dedicated servers
  • other Clustered servers and services

The “Manage” area will also help you control your private network, VPN (Virtual Private Network), CDN (Content Delivery Network), firewalls, upgrades, and more.

LiquidWeb cPanel

There is the possibility to work with cPanel, the likely best interface currently available.

This is a great asset, because of its ease of use, and the availability of apps and tools that will be useful along your business journey.

One of the features we like the most is the Softaculous integration because it’s a great script that makes installing CMS (like WordPress) and other services immediate, with just 1 click.

Another great asset is the built-in site backup system, which makes it easier and faster to make and save backups of your whole disk space.

To this end, we strongly recommend making and save backups from cPanel, and not by using plugins (if you’re working with WordPress), because it’s much safer and even faster.

However, if you feel more comfortable, we strongly recommend using Backupbuddy, as a top-notch solution to make backups directly from your WordPress dashboard.

In addition, this interface makes transferring websites much easier and hassle-free, and LiquidWeb gives you the opportunity to transfer sites for free.


Liquid Web Email Login

When it comes to emails, LiquidWeb gives you a variety of opportunities to choose from.

This is the form to log in to your email inbox.

Before starting, however, you must decide which plan is best for you, because there are different options.

Liquid Web Email Hosting

There are several reasons to consider, from SPAM protection to the increase of your business needs (and contacts/clients).

Email plans that LiquidWeb has to offer, allow complete control over SPAM, with custom filters.

In addition, you can grow your contact list and/or team and you’ll always be able to control everything in the easiest and most organized way possible.

Each email plan is packed with no hidden fees and you also have a guarantee of 100% uptime.

Premium Business Email LiquidWeb

So, let’s see what these email plans are.

There are three offers, ranging from the “Standard” offer, at $1 per mailbox per month, up to the “Microsoft Exchange”, at $10 per mailbox per month.

Of course, we can’t say what specific plan is good for your case, however, by reading what features each plan has to offer, you can make the most informed decision.

Please note that there also is a $10 base charge for all plans, which includes an unlimited number of domains, 24/7 management, technical support, and (only if you need), assisted migration.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress

The offer for Managed WordPress Hosting is really big, as you can see from the screenshot below.

The first thing to consider is that there are so many more plans to choose from if you compare LiquidWeb to other competitors.

This does not necessarily mean that they are “better” than most others, but for sure they present the widest variety of solutions.

Prices are high, especially for the 2nd row, because these services are more oriented to big companies, and agencies.

People with smaller businesses should look at the 1st row, and we suggest considering the “Maker” plan as the likely best option, even though we don’t like such a pricing difference between this plan and the Starter.

LiquidWeb WordPress Hosting

The screenshot below summarizes the main features of this huge offer.

There’s not so much to add, we only want to outline the importance of website speed: in this case, they guarantee great performance also for platforms that generally have more problems than most others, such as membership sites, stores, courseware, and blogs with a lot of content and images (in most cases not properly optimized).

Free migration of websites is another great asset, especially because there are many people who move from other hosting companies to LiquidWeb to better follow their business growth, and they already own a high quantity of data.

We want to warn you about automatic plugin updates: this may be good, but there are many people (including us) who experience some issues just because of plugin updates, so we don’t really recommend updating immediately after the release of a new version (some people disagree, but we speak from experience).

Nexcess Liquid Web

There is a partnership between Nexcess and LiquidWeb, and this is worth mentioning.

To be more precise, Nexcess is now a part of Liquid Web.

Not all people know Nexcess well: it’s a high-performance Cloud platform, and now it’s running Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce plans at LiquidWeb.

The main benefits provided by this platform are exceptional speed, scale, and security.

What makes this service so good is that everything has been built for WordPress, and WooCommerce, in order for you to get an advantage over your competitors, especially if you’re running an online store.

Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce

Things are quite similar to what we’ve already observed for more general Managed WordPress Hosting.

The offer is simply huge: also, in this case, we don’t like the very big price increase between the Starter and the Creatore plan.

Once again, if you don’t own a very well-established company or agency, stay away from offers presented in the 2nd row.

All plans have in common great features, such as more than 1.000 eCommerce themes available, mobile optimization, the Beaver Builder (a responsive page builder), several product catalogs, product variations, staff accounts, highly customizable inventories, and many more.

This is likely the most complete offer about WooCommerce you can find, however, it’s not for everyone, because it’s quite advanced even in the more basic plans.

Liquid Web WordPress Hosting Review

We want to keep things short and simple, so we say what follows.

If you want to work with WordPress (we recommend that), and you’re starting out a new project, LiquidWeb offers may be too much, especially if you’re not an expert.

You can consider LiquidWeb, especially Managed WooCommerce plans, if you already run an established business and you’re growing it even further.

A special suggestion about online stores that sell digital goods ONLY: we recommend not to use WooCommerce, but EDD (Easy Digital Downloads), and then (if possible) activate Stripe as a payment gateway.

Liquid Web Rackspace

As of 2016, LiquidWeb purchased the Cloud Sites business unit of Rackspace.

This partnership added value to the offer provided by LiquidWeb, towards the easier management of cloud spaces and especially the one-on-one support to professionals.

With this acquisition, LiquidWeb started to give more services to customers, and this is another reason why they can provide so huge offers, and a high variety of hosting plans, as we’ve considered for WordPress.

Liquid Web Cloud Sites Let’sEncrypt

You have the opportunity to benefit from SSL certificates by running your website on LiquidWeb servers.

This feature can be added easily via cPanel thanks to AutoSSL using Let’s Encrypt.

You can then perform automated SSL installs which makes things much easier than the “normal” procedure you should follow to do things manually.

With the AutoSSL feature, you can ensure all your domains are secured with an SSL certificate, and everything is done with just a few clicks.

Liquid Web Dedicated Server

This is the finest offer LiquidWeb has to provide, for highly advanced users, and/or for established businesses and big companies.

The screenshot posted above only presents the 1st row of Dedicated Servers plans.

As you see, there are so many valuable features, and their price is definitely not for people on a budget, nor for those who have a business that is still growing.

There is the opportunity to use an advanced version of cPanel, called cPanel Premier 100, by paying an extra fee.

Talking about operating systems for Dedicated Servers, they allow working with CentOs, Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, and Windows.

Hard to talk more about these plans, because everything depends on your needs: the only thing to say is that according to the website “Customer Guru”, LiquidWeb has been rated as the #2 best company in the matter of customer support, for 2019, in the USA. So, you’ll have guaranteed support at any time of day or night also (and especially) for these plans.

Liquid Web Reseller

This is a very specific business, not for everyone, however, LIquidWeb offers are among the best you can find online.

You can purchase VPS or Dedicated Servers to re-sell shared hosting services, or (on the contrary), you can use the free WHMCS plugin to sell Cloud VPS or Cloud Dedicated products.

A versatile offer, for people who already know what to do.

Servers are available in the US and Europe as well, to match more needs: in addition, you can benefit from special discounts according to your monthly revenue.

The screenshot posted above shows the general features of each offer, and we strongly recommend checking them all to see for yourself the differences and add-ons you can find.

One of the best things about this highly selected offer concerns the WHMCS plugin: by using it, you can create your own fully customizable packages, services, and add-ons.

Not only that, because you are free to generate professional invoices, and even provide your own customer support.

From account management to billing, or emails, you can work on everything from one place, thanks to the WHMCS plugin.

Finally, they also make available a downloadable eBook to learn everything you need to know about the reselling business.

Liquid Web Coupon

You can save money when you signup for a longer period of time in the first place.

We strongly recommend checking well LiquidWeb’s website periodically, because you can find interesting offers.

That being said, however, there’s a fact.

You should not expect a “huge” LiquidWeb discount or things like that, because they only provide top-quality offers, and saving money should not be an issue for people who look at LiquidWeb as a possible hosting company to run their online business.

Liquid Web Sale Price

Prices are high, whatever the offer you choose, this is a fact.

The least expensive plan, which starts from $20/month, is the Managed WordPress at its basic level, but renewal fees are higher, and you must be aware of that.

In fact, LiquidWeb is for established businesses and companies which want to boost their overall performance.

If you are not new to the online world they give you the opportunity to start from scratch, but you always must consider what are your real needs at the moment.


If you’re just starting out, and you’re not an expert of the online world, stay away from LiquidWeb: however, if you know what to do when it comes to managing the server-side of your business, you’ll find great features that will make your work easier and faster.

In short, we don’t recommend LiquidWeb to newbies, while people who know what to do are going to love this hosting company.

We list below a series of pros (green bullets), and cons (yellow bullets for things that could be improved, or red bullets for real downsides).

Here are the pros:

  • The best uptime in the market
  • Great website speed
  • Both Linux and Windows hosting platforms
  • Free SSL (great!)
  • Cloudflare integration
  • SSH available
  • cPanel interface available (great!)
  • Great customer support
  • A great solution for developers
  • Tons of features for expert users
  • The greatest availability of plans for VPS and Dedicated Servers
  • Free email accounts (great!)
  • The likely most complete offer for WordPress (managed hosting)
  • Special attention to online stores (WooCommerce and Magento)
  • Free website migrations (great!)
  • One of the best Reseller Hosting programs you can find
  • Coupons and deals periodically available

Here are things that could be improved:

  • No free domains available in their plans
  • Prices are high
  • Built for experts
  • Ideal for established businesses, agencies, and medium-to-big companies
  • No shared hosting, but they provide a great alternative for people who want to work on shared servers

Here are real downsides:

  • There are no real downsides

What To Do Now

We hope that this LiquidWeb review was helpful for you.

Now, check LiquidWeb plans right now and start your new business journey!


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