Web Hosting Reviews: 13 Best Options To Achieve Success In 2021

If you’re looking for web hosting reviews, we’re happy to help.

It’s not so easy to find trusted resources online, especially because almost 100% of reviewers are affiliates. However, when it comes to web hosting, things may be different.

We also are affiliates, but we carefully selected the companies we are affiliated with. In fact, we only want to suggest to you what works for the best “marketing architecture” (or “marketecture”) your website should have.

When looking for web hosting companies to start a new online business journey, you should consider some aspects, that can be totally different than those that matter most to established businesses. The same is also valid for people who are experts, compared to people who are just starting out.

That being said, there also are some common features, because the essentials of a business are not different.

Things like:

  • website speed
  • website security
  • management interface
  • ease of use
  • ease to upgrade
  • renewal fees
  • services available as add-ons,

are just a few of the things you should carefully consider before starting your online business journey.

That’s why we decided to pick 12 (for now) web hosting providers and suggest them to you: this because they satisfy such needs, however, in a different and peculiar manner.

If you don’t want to read our full review, you can jump to conclusions to make a faster decision.

Web Hosting Reviews

Web Hosting Reviews: Looking For The Right Marketecture

When you create a website, you should have your “marketecture” (meaning marketing architecture) in mind. But, what this does mean?

First of all, you must think about if you want to earn some money from your website: in fact, not all people would do that.

There are some people who only want to run a website to share their point of view with the world, while others want to create their own business.

Not an easy task, however, you must decide IN ADVANCE what to do: you must take a decision well before deciding which type of hosting to opt for.

During this “decision” phase, you must not look at web hosting providers and base your decision upon that. The opposite is true indeed.

You must think about what to do for your business, then look for what hosting providers have to offer.

We don’t really mean “companies”, you have only to consider which plan is best for your case, as presented in the following section.

Shared Hosting Reviews

This is likely the best option to start with: once again, we’re not talking about a hosting company in particular, but just the type of offer.

We reported above just a sample of Shared Hosting offer because it’s our #1 choice, in most cases (it depends, however, on your business, and we’ll see other EQUALLY valid hosting providers later on).

As you can see, shared hosting is great to start with, especially if you’re a “newbie”, or you don’t have a lot of money to invest in more powerful servers. Despite being shared, there are some companies, just like the one reported in the screenshot, that offer great services, with many features to make your business stand out.

For instance, when you see the possibility to own more domains, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates (extremely important), and possibly the fastest loading page speed, you are totally covered, whatever the offer you may choose.

A tip: when you go for a shared hosting plan, also think about the possibility to upgrade your plan with ease.

This is important because when you run a business online there will be a mone to cope with more needs: in such moments, working with a hosting able to provide fast and secure plan upgrades is a real asset.

Dedicated Server Review

This is the exact opposite of what we’ve considered in the previous section: in fact, we’re talking about Dedicated Server Hosting, the most advanced option you can choose.

We posted above the screenshot from a company that does not provide shared hosting options, just because it focuses on expert users ONLY.

This company is just an example, we’ll list later what are the likely best offers also for what concerns dedicated servers, however, the point is that you need to work with simpler and more basic programs before reaching such levels.

Think about your business needs, they are likely to grow over time: well this is pretty much the same thing.

With time, you may be faced with the need to switch hosting plans, and this will be another hard decision to make: there will be many more things to consider.

fortunately, we only suggest very few companies that “specialize” in such an advanced solution, even though basically all hosting companies are offering this service.

VPS Hosting Reviews

This hosting type is a kind of “solution in the middle” between the shared hosting and dedicated servers. Perhaps not for people who are starting out, but great for most business websites.

The screenshot posted above presents the huge offer of InMotion Hosting.

VPS does mean “Virtual Private Servers”, and they offer great solutions and features for basically all business needs.

You can decide to have full control over your server, but you can also benefit from more detailed support and available add-ons.

In many cases, people start with a shared offer, then switch to VPS or Cloud Hosting, because they exactly represent the right solution to deal with their increased needs.

There also are some people who go for VPS in the first place: this may be good for people who already have a certain degree of experience. We don’t recommend choosing this option directly if you are not a technology expert.

Despite the fact that this may not be the first plan to subscribe to when looking for web hosting reviews, always consider companies that offer a good VPS offer as better alternatives, just because one day you could change plans and choose this offer to grow your business further.

Website Builder Software Reviews

We don’t really recommend using website builders to create your website from scratch, even if we recognize there are hosting companies offering simply great tools and suites to shape outstanding websites.

In the screenshot posted above, you find the likely best and most liked website builder currently available online.

We’ll suggest this company later, because of many other features, however, their builder is kind of “magic” to craft your perfect website appearance.

The point is that you should know something about “how to design a website” because if you do not know about web design, the risk of making mistakes is high.

The appearance of your website is important to impress visitors, however, it has not to be so “fancy”, or “stylish”, especially if your run an affiliate marketing business: in that case, “content is king”.

If you are an expert, or if you’re a designer, or even if you can afford to outsource this work to freelance, feel free to go for it: in fact, when you succeed in creating a totally unique website, which is immediately identified with your brand, this is going to help you a lot.

But this is a delicate thing, so we recommend going for some pre-made templates that can fit your purpose well, by following the rule: “the simpler the better”.

And, please always look at speed and website performance, because there are some things like “render-blocking resources” reported by performance-measuring websites, that can seriously impact your website speed, and your business visibility in turn.

Free Web Hosting Reviews: Not So Good

There are many hosting services that offer the possibility to work without paying any money to host a website, however, we do not recommend doing that. The main reason we decided not to present any free web hosting provider, is that you must own your website and your business.

In fact, the website is the front line of your business, and you simply don’t want others to manage the platform on which all your online business is running.

Not to mention some important features that may not be available, such as making backups at your convenience, nor the ability to access the server through cPanel or similar interfaces.

There is only one case we may suggest going for free web hosting: when you’re just starting out, you can make some tests, way before starting your business, for instance, if you’re not so sure about the niche your website will cover, or if you still are thinking about the structure you want.

In the case you’re just planning to write a simple blog, you can find platforms like Medium.com highly suitable, however, this will not configure a real “business”, it’s more like sharing to the world a point of view.

That said, and whatever your hosting choice will be, we strongly recommend using WordPress as your CMS.

WordPress Hosting Reviews

There are so many advantages and benefits that make working with WordPress the likely best choice for your new online business. First of all, it’s intuitive and very easy to use.

In addition, you can focus your attention on the content, which still is what matters most to stand out online.

Not to mention the possibility to use valuable plugins, additional services, and features to further boost your success.

The only recommendation we want to make is not to overcomplicate things: this means that you must keep your website simple, light (so, please don’t install too many plugins), and everything will be fine.

When looking for WordPress web hosting reviews, you also find “managed solutions”.

There are several hosting companies that provide this kind of service.

Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews

Managed solutions can be good but you need to spend more money: this because of the work your hosting company is going to make on your servers.

This is the reason to suggest a kind of “in-between” solution.

The web hosting provider showed in the screenshot above is exactly an example of what we mean.

We’ll present it better later, however, you can find here that, even though it’s not totally “managed”, you still have great features, such as the possibility to create up to 100 websites, with corresponding, branded, email accounts, unlimited databases (always great), many additional tools provided as default, and even the possibility to manage a multisite platform.

This offer is huge, perhaps not so needed by people who are just starting out, however, it gives you the idea of what a great hosting for WordPress looks like.

Best WordPress Hosting Review

It really depends on your needs, on your business, even on your niche, because different niches have different needs: however, we list below some great web hosting providers for WordPress that represent our best suggestions.

They are:

We want to spend a few words to motivate the choice.

SiteGround is just great, a bit expensive for some people, but you have a great starter program, with the possibility to grow your business (and website) in the easiest way possible.

DreamHost was built primarily with WordPress users in mind, it presents great plans, offers, and the possibility to adapt your website to all needs.

HostGator likely has the best customer support, which is great for people who are not advanced users: not to mention the impressive Website Builder they provide (but it’s not for all).

Hostinger is the one we presented in the previous section, it has the likely best offer “in the middle” if you consider shared hosting from one side, and managed hosting from the other.

A2 Hosting is the likely fastest web hosting provider you can rely on, and it’s simply great for all businesses: but this is just the best feature provided, among many others.

So which one to choose among these?

Feel free to pick one and everything will be fine, in all cases.

Top-Rated WordPress Hosting Review

There are other great web hosting companies for WordPress users, and we list them below:

These represent our #2nd row of suggested web hosting companies for WordPress.


Because we like them a lot, for specific features, which may not be equally appreciated by everyone.

GreenGeeks is the best hosting provider if you consider the global impact of the internet industry on the planet, but it also has great offers and plans (it only deserves to be more and better known)

iPage is great because it presents one single starting plan, while there are some people who prefer to make a choice (but this plan has everything you need to start, no questions asked).

HostPapa is another great company, however, you can find some controversies when browsing web hosting reviews websites.

GoDaddy presents a simply huge offer, this may confuse some people, not to mention that you must pay for many features (provided for free by many other providers, like in the case of SSL certificates).

WordPress Hosting For Advanced Users

If you are an advanced user, or if you own an established business, you definitely should consider the following web hosting providers:

They present an outstanding offer, made for experts and people who already have knowledge of the online business, so we don’t really recommend them to people who are starting out.

However, if you are an expert, you’re going to find an amazing experience with these two companies.

BlueHost Reviews

According to several “marketing gurus”, as well as many users, Bluehost is the best web hosting provider currently available on the net. We agree with the fact that’s good, however, we think that their hosting offer is better suited to the following:

  • people who are working on a personal project/business,
  • people/businesses with no specific needs
  • people who are creating an online store with a few products (not thousands and thousands)

In these cases, Bluehost works great: moreover, it has the likely best introductory price currently available, it’s easy to use, it comes with great features such as uptime, security, it also integrates with cPanel and makes available CDN from their dashboard.

Upgrades are also easy, so, if you’re interested in their offer, you’re going to find a great company to work with.

Visit Bluehost


Domain Hosting Reviews

One of the best features to consider when looking for web hosting reviews online is the availability of domains within a specific hosting plan.

This may not be the most important thing, however, it does matter.

In fact, there are hosting plans that make available the possibility to host more domains at once, and this is good.

Yes, because you are free to pick more domains around your niche and re-direct them to your main website. This basically allows you to “dominate” your niche.

Other hosting providers give you the possibility to purchase a domain for free, and this is also good, but, if you follow our suggestions, you should not take advantage of this opportunity.

In fact, we strongly recommend purchasing your domains from an external platform and redirect them to your hosting via DNS.

The best company to register, keep, and manage domains is Namesilo.

Namesilo Reviews

This company is our #1 choice for purchasing domains, but also to keep them safe, and manage them easily in a single place.


The best thing about Namesilo is pricing.

In fact, domain names can be cheap when you buy them (for the first time), but their prices go up at the moment of renewals.

Namesilo is different: in fact, you can purchase a domain for just $8/year, and then renew it always and forever for the same fee.

Moreover, you can benefit from the FREE WHOIS Privacy on all domains, because it’s included in the offer for all domains.

Not to mention the possibility to save money for bulk domain orders.

There’s no need to add more: check Namesilo to find your perfect domain.

Email Hosting Reviews

Email accounts are important for all businesses: it’s essential that you keep in contact with other people by presenting yourself with a branded email address: this is a sign of professionalism and reputation for your business.

In this case, we only want to give a simple suggestion: always prefer hosting plans that give you the opportunity to create several email addresses.

It would be best to have unlimited emails, even though there will be a limited storage space for your messages, depending on your hosting plan.

You should create at least 3, or 4 email addresses for your business, to segment your activity and make it appear highly professional.

There are some people who prefer working with email hosting plans, without actually creating a real website, because they like to use some social media platforms like LinkedIn.

This is totally fine, it really depends on your business and your niche, however, a branded email, or better, more branded emails, are essential to stand out.

Best Web Hosting Reviews

Now, it’s time to present our top suggestions to go for.

We list below all our preferred web hosting companies so that you can read something general about them.

Also, you can go to their websites to purchase a hosting plan, or you can read the full review for each of them, by clicking the button below.

We don’t list them in order of preference now, because we’ll post our ordered list in the next section, called “Conclusions”.


HostGator Reviews

We really like HostGator, and not only because it likely has the best customer support currently available.

This is very important especially for people who are just starting out, and HostGator is highly recommended to them as well.

For sure, this hosting presents a serious offer also for what concerns more advanced plans: their HostGator Cloud Hosting is considered one of the very best, even if compared to other, more “techy” companies.

Whatever your case, we suggest going for the Shared Hosting Plan, especially the so-called “Baby” offer: if you can afford it, the “Business” Plan is the top choice to make.

Talking about prices, it’s cheap but reliable, stable, and full of interesting features from the more basic plans (such as the uptime, probably the best among hosting providers).


LiquidWeb Reviews

This is a great hosting provider, however, it’s not for everyone.

The #1 thing to consider, when looking for info on LiquidWeb, is that they do not offer shared hosting: this may sound weird, but the reason is clear.

They address the needs and requests of more advanced users, meaning that their offers are not suitable for people who are just starting out, and the same is valid for people with limited knowledge of how to manage a server.

However, if you’re an expert, you’ll be more than simply “happy” with what they offer.

The uptime is the #1 in the market, they allow to work with both Windows and Linux platforms, they present a huge package for developers, not to mention security assets, and the likely most complete offer for Managed WordPress Hosting.

There isn’t much to add: this is the most advanced solution for hosting you can find.


GroundSite Hosting

We found that this hosting company is frequently misspelled: in fact, the real name is “SiteGround”, and it’s our top-choice, whatever your needs, your business, and your expertise.

The best things about SiteGround are the following:

  • great speed
  • great interface (a proprietary adaptation of cPanel, called “Crystal”)
  • great, progressive shared hosting plans
  • great uptime
  • extremely easy to upgrade
  • one of the very best solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce
  • free SSL certificates, and free CDN opportunity
  • one of the best customer support teams,
  • and much more

A “downside” of SiteGround is pricing, in fact, recently they have raised their prices, which can be a problem for many users, so you must check carefully their renewal fees, more than the introductory ones.

Whatever your case, and your needs, you will be more than happy with SiteGround offers, even from the basic level of their Shared Hosting offer.



This is another great web hosting provider, not only for provided features but also (and especially) because it makes even easier and faster to get started for people who are not expert or are just starting out.

iPage’s starting offer is just one, a single plan to fit all needs of people who are setting up their online activity.

This is great, because this offer, called “Go Plan”, is perfect for bloggers, personal businesses, and more in general small businesses.

So, you don’t need to make a choice between several offers from the beginning, just pick this one, and then there will always be time for upgrading your server.

Not to mention the fact that, despite being one single (and basic) plan, you have:

  • unlimited websites
  • unlimited storage
  • free SSL certificates
  • free domain for one year

In addition to this, you also have full support, and a website builder (for people who have knowledge of web design).

If you browse web hosting reviews online, you’re not going to find such an offer for the more basic plans.

That’s why we just love iPage, and for sure you should too.


HostPapa Review

We also like this hosting company called HostPapa, even if you can find some “controversial” reviews browsing online.

Such controversies are mainly due to some occasional problems with customer support, a few hidden fees, and that you must pay to get some tools that could be available within the selected plan, such as SSL certificates.

That being said, their offer is more than good, in fact, on top of all, they are very clear to address the needs of small business owners.

This makes this company one of the most suitable for people who are just starting out, and more in general people who want to run a small business without thinking so much about how to grow it, or upgrade plans, and so on.

Among the best assets of HostPapa, there are:

  • great speed
  • the possibility to run 2 websites from the very beginning
  • perfect optimization for WordPress
  • great security tools

In addition, they also care a lot about eCommerce (if you like WooCommerce you’ll not be disappointed), and, in an almost a unique case, they have renewal fees quite close to introductory prices 8this is not so common, among web hosting providers).

If you browse the web looking for the best web hosting reviews, and you still do not find HostPapa, please don’t be fooled, because it’s great and deserves attention.


GoDaddy Hosting Review

This hosting offer is huge, packed with tons of features, even if most of them are premium add-ons (meaning that you have to spend some money to create a website that’s really able to stand out).

GoDaddy is one of the most purchased hosting providers, not to mention that they own the likely largest domain registrar (however, we really recommend registering a new domain name with Namesilo).

To be 100% honest, it lacks some critical features in basic plans, while providing a lot of addons (you need to pay for almost everything you add to your website).

In spite of this, GoDaddy manages to be a great option for both people who are starting out and experts.

They have some exclusive features, such as Smartline (it allows you to add a business line to your smartphone so that you can keep separate your business calls from personal calls), and the integration with Office 365, just to name a few.

It’s perfect for eCommerce, especially if you have a very big inventory, and (for people who know what to do), it also offers one of the very best website builders currently available (probably second only to HostGator).

Talking about some downsides, the customer service may have some difficulties answering your questions quickly (there are millions of customers), and SSL certificates are not free.

However, if you have some money to spend with add-ons, your website (and business) will skyrocket its chances to succeed.


DreamHost Plans

This hosting company was primarily built with WordPress in mind: for many users, DreamHost is the very best when it comes to WordPress.

The company offers some of the most advanced features for WordPress plans and gives you such advanced features at a very low cost.

Not to mention their VPS and Cloud plans, full of great resources and tools that normally would cost you thousands of dollars.

Speed, security, and uptime are great, and you also are provided with highly useful CDN-like features.

The Shared Hosting plan is one of the tops in general, not just for WordPress users, and it’s really easy and quick to switch and upgrade plans.

Their introductory prices are among the best in the market, and, for more advanced users, dedicated servers are really powerful and don’t cost a lot (great cost/effectiveness ratio).

With unlimited bandwidth, traffic, and MySQL databases, as well as an easy to use and complete website builder, DreamHost is for sure one of the best hostings to rely on.

Finally, you can benefit from 97 days (!!) money-back guarantee (this is the only case).


GreenGeeks Hosting

This hosting company is on a mission: to make the internet cleaner, and greener, to save the planet from climate change (but they also deliver a lot!).

To keep things simple, GreenGeeks is one of the top choices you can make if you’re just starting out your online business journey.

One of the best features is scalability, meaning that you can grow your business without hassles, and GreenGeeks will support your needs accordingly.

They provide many features and services as default, unlike other competitors:

  • speed, and uptime, are among the best
  • perfect for WordPress, and WooCommerce
  • free SSL certificates
  • free domain and website transfer
  • unlimited emails
  • unlimited MySQL
  • free CDN,
  • and more

Talking about some possibly occurring issues, the refund policy has been reported as a bit confusing (not common, however).

Also, account cancelation may be delayed for unknown reasons, but the most relevant thing is that for some people renewal fees are higher than expected (this is common to all hosting providers, though).

If you care about the environment, and you’re looking for hosting for your new online project, GreenGeeks is a must to consider.


A2 Shared Hosting

This hosting is great, not only because of its offers but also and especially because of speed, which is likely the best currently available in the market.

Speed alone doesn’t guarantee success online, but it’s extremely important to achieve the best results possible, in fact, it is a major ranking factor for most search engines.

The Shared Hosting plan offered by A2 Hosting is great for both people who are just starting out, and advanced users: this makes this hosting company one of the most versatile to rely on.

In particular, we suggest considering their “Turbo Boost” and “Turbo Max” options, because they are the best in the matter of speed and website optimization together.

Among the great features you can find from the very beginning of your online journey with A2 hosting, there are:

  • one of the best customer support for all their plans
  • all CMS available (including WordPress)
  • free website migrations
  • free domain with several plans
  • free SSH
  • free SSL, and many other security tools
  • free CDN integration,
  • and more

As you can see, A2 Hosting is for sure one of the best options, perhaps a bit “too much” for complete beginners, but it’s easy to understand, and with a bit of work you’ll learn everything.

Talking about “downsides”, there are quite higher than expected renewal fees (common to almost all providers), and the same is valid for domains (but we suggest registering domains with Namesilo and everything will be fine).

So, the only thing you have to do is click below and purchase one of their great hosting plans


InMotion Hosting Reviews

This hosting provider is definitely not suggested for people who are just starting out, however, if you are an expert, or if you run an established business, InMotion Hosting has something great to offer.

Strictly speaking of technical issues, InMotion Hosting is one of the very best and provides great services.

In other words, your business can really stand out, if you are aware of how to get the best from a hosting service.

For what concerns people who are starting out and still want to benefit from one of the tops offers available, we want to say that features provided by this hosting provider are advanced, and you could for sure start a business with them, although you risk not getting the most from it.

This is the main reason why we suggest going for it only if you are tech-savvy and you know what to do also from the server-side of things.

We’re not here to say that other people will not find useful these features, but there is the risk of not getting the most, and it’s a real shame because when you get the most of this hosting, you can achieve outstanding results.

A bit pricey, but it’s totally understandable, some users report minor issues about domain transfers, auto-renewals, and tech support.

A “downside” is that the WHOIS Privacy for new domains is not free, and renewal fees are quite higher than expected.

But, just because it’s built for people who are experts, these specific prices should not be such an issue.

In short, this is one of the very best hosting companies, and you’ll not be disappointed at all.


Hostinger Hosting Reviews

This is the likely best solution for what concerns options “in-between”, meaning that you can have great features, and offers typical of more advanced plans, while remaining at lower levels of hosting.

Currently, Hostinger is one of the most used hosting providers, and not just because it’s a very low-cost solution.

For sure, this is a great choice for small businesses and people who are looking for a cheap, but a reliable solution, to start their online business journey. But there’s much more.

Advanced users can be satisfied by VPS and Cloud plans, not to mention people who like WordPress.

Hostinger has one of the most complete, and fully-packed offers for WordPress you can find online.

We suggest starting with their Shared Hosting, because it delivers more than the majority of competitors, and you can easily change your plan at a later time, even if you could remain with the same plan for many years, just because it delivers a lot.

Check the button below and start your journey with Hostinger right now!



Below you find our recommendations, we believe they have the best web hosting reviews.

Feel free to click on one or more of these and start your online business journey (or move your website to one of the following platforms):

  1. SiteGround
  2. DreamHost
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. HostGator
  5. GreenGeeks
  6. Bluehost
  7. iPage
  8. Hostinger
  9. HostPapa
  10. GoDaddy
  11. InMotion Hosting (for advanced users)
  12. LiquidWeb (for advanced users)

Plus the following one:

Please note that this order might also be different because it depends on your needs.

Whatever your choice, you’ll find a great experience indeed.

What To Do Now

We hope that this series of info on the likely best web hosting reviews was helpful for you.

Now, browse our suggestions right now and start your new business journey!